Eligible Activities

The City of Santa Fe allocates its funding to qualified local agencies or nonprofit organizations. These entities are classified as sub-recipients and must report the use of the funds to the City of Santa Fe on an annual basis. For more information regarding the classification of eligible projects, click to go to HUD’s CDBG page.

The City’s Community Development Commission (CDC) allocates funding to eligible sub-recipients. CDBG funds may be used to support affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and the provision of improved community facilities and services. Eligible activities include:

  • Acquisition of real property
  • Relocation and demolition
  • Rehabilitation of residential and non-residential structures
  • Provision of public facilities and improvements (water and sewer facilities, streets, neighborhood centers, etc.)
  • Downpayment assistance toward the purchase of a home
  • Payment for public services within certain limits

All CDBG-funded projects MUST address the needs of low-to-moderate-income residents of Santa Fe. Income levels for eligibility for all HUD programs are determined every year by HUD for every municipality and county jurisdiction in the nation. Click for figures. 2020 Santa Fe AMI Table