The healthy development of children and youth in a community environment where the strengths of young people are recognized and nurtured.



To improve the lives of children by supporting local nonprofits and school programs that work for kids.

The Child and Youth Commission was formed by Resolution 1989 and is charged by the City of Santa Fe by an Ordinance in 1998 with surveying and assessing the needs of the children and youth within the City of Santa Fe, identifying and recommending to the governing body existing legislation, policies, and programs that promote the healthy development of young people, determining priorities for program development, advocating in the community on behalf of children and youth, and planning short and long-range improvements for young people, from birth through the age of twenty-one. 

The Commission receives three percent of the gross receipts tax and administers funding to local nonprofits on a two-year funding cycle at approximately $1.2 million annually (funding amount varies due to GRT fluctuations). The fund aims to support community programs that promote the healthy development of children and youth ages birth to twenty-one. The Commission works in partnership with the City liaison and the Youth and Family Services Division to advise how to effectively plan, coordinate and support child and youth efforts in the Santa Fe community and present a plan to the governing body for approval. 

Through the Children and Youth Commission, the City improves Santa Fe children's lives by providing funding and support for local nonprofit organizations and public school programs that work for kids. The Commission celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2019-2020.

From the beginning, the Commission has believed that:

  • All children and youth deserve a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment to grow.
  • Families, schools, and other groups can work together with respect for young people as valued community members.
  • The city government can work effectively with others in the community to support and enrich the lives of young people.


Children and Youth Commission Strategic Plan 

The Children and Youth Commission is one of the City of Santa Fe's oldest standing committees, formed by Resolution. Then Ordinance to serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council concerning policy recommendations related to child development and youth issues. The founding Ordinance stipulates that the Committee shall make funding recommendations to the City Council from the Children and Youth Commission Fund to support nonprofit organizations that provide programs and services to children and youth throughout the City of Santa Fe.