What is the Living Wage?

The term Living Wage refers to the minimum hourly wage necessary for a person to achieve a higher standard of living.

Santa Fe's Living Wage

The City of Santa Fe Living Wage Ordinance was adopted to establish minimum hourly wages.

Effective March 1, 2022 all employers are required to pay employees an hourly wage of $12.95 per hour.  This includes part-time and temporary employees. 

Tips are counted as wages and credited towards satisfaction of the minimum wage. As long as a worker is receiving the hourly minimum wage, whether through tips, salary, or combination of both, the employer is in compliance with the Living Wage Ordinance.

The March 1, 2021 Living Wage increase is in accordance with City Ordinance and corresponds to the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Western Region for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers. All employers required to have a business license or registration from the City must pay at least the adjusted 2021 Living Wage to employees for all hours worked within the Santa Fe city limits.

Who is affected?

The City of Santa Fe shall pay the minimum wage to all full-time permanent workers employed by the City. Contractors for the City who have a contract requiring the performance of a service including construction services but excluding purchases of goods, shall pay the minimum wage to their workers and subcontractors performing work under the contract if the total contract amount with the City is, or by way of amendment becomes, equal to or greater than thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). Businesses receiving assistance relating to economic development in the form of grants, subsidies, loan guarantees or industrial revenue bonds in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) to those employed by such entity for the duration of the City grant or subsidy shall pay the minimum wage to their workers for all hours worked within the city of Santa Fe. Businesses required to have a business license or business registration from the City of Santa Fe and nonprofit organizations shall pay the minimum wage to their workers for all hours worked within the city of Santa Fe that month.

Additional Information

For more information, download the following documents or contact Constituent Services by email at constituentservices@santafenm.gov, or by phone at (505) 955-6949.

Call Constituent Services to file a complaint.  

Constituent Services  (505) 955-6949, Savannah Saiz sssaiz@santafenm.govConstituent Services Specialist, or  use the the CRM Public Dashboard. 

Previous year’s Living Wage amounts listing.  The effective date for the annual Living Wage increase is March 1.  Below are the Living Wage amounts from the last 9 years.    

2012       10.30

2013       10.51

2014       10.66

2015       10.84

2016       10.91

2017       11.09

2018       11.40

2019       11.80

2020       12.10

2021       12.32

2022       12.95

Base Wage for Tippped & Commissioned Employees

Section 28-1.5(C) - For workers who customarily receive more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) per month in tips or commissions, any tips or commissions received and retained by a worker shall be counted as wages and credited towards satisfaction of the minimum wage provided that, for tipped workers, all tips received by such workers are retained by the workers, except that the pooling of tips among workers shall be permitted.

Workers who “customarily receive” more than $100 per month in tips must still receive the minimum hourly wage in the City, so if they aren’t earning enough in tips the employer must pay them enough to make up the difference.