The Science/Tech Industry Cluster is one of our burgeoning areas for explosive growth over the next five years. As we dig into our plan, the following guiding principles will keep us on track:

-  Need:  Understand top five (5) challenges which are impeding growth in each sector.
-  Challenge: Less than 5% of Santa Fe businesses gross $20MM+ revenues/year. How do we help 50% more reach that goal
-  Goal: Work towards diversifying our industry clusters and create a path to growth for our economic-based businesses
-  Solution(s): Convene Industry clusters to brainstorm and ways to resolve challenges for growth; likely on a semi-annual basis.
-  Duration: May 2019 – ongoing
-  Impact & KPIs: 80% of industry target companies in attendance, 30% of industry target companies engaged with assigned ecosystem partner, etc.
-  Partners: Target Industries, Industry support partners, Entrepreneur Network, Local task forces, City and State resource partners.

Click here for a list of the companies in our Science/Tech Ecosystem.

2019 Science/Tech Industry Convening Resource Info & Panel Bios

Thank you for atteninding our recent Tech Convening. With over 80 in attedance, we were able to uncover some challenges we need to overcome and opportunities we can explore. Below are links to pertinent information that you want to use to support some of your efforts to grow:

Attendee List (PDF)
PDF copy of full convening presentations
YouTube video link to full convening taping
PDF copy of speaker/panelist bios
Pre-convening survey responses with verbatim
Entrepreneur Resource List to free consultants, funding and organizations (regularily updated)

New Mexico Catalyst Fund (Seed & Early Stage Investment)

The Catalyst Fund is a $20 million fund-of-funds created to increase seed and early-stage investment in New Mexico. As a fund-of-funds the Catalyst Fund will invest in existing and emerging portfolio funds. These portfolio funds in-turn will raise a matching $20 million in private equity making $40 million available for investment in local startups. The Catalyst Fund is expected to support more than 50 companies in New Mexico and will focus on technology startups.

Companies Seeking Investment:
Businesses seeking investment should contact the portfolio funds, listed below, directly.

However, prior to pursing investment, companies should review the investment-ready checklist and be ready to discuss these topics with investors. NMEDD’s Regional Representatives are able to connect you to resources to strengthen any areas on the list. Other funding and business development resources can be found in NMEDD’s Business Resource Center which features a toolkit and an extensive directory to connect you to the programs, incentives, and services available to help build businesses here, in New Mexico.

Funds Seeking Investment:
Funds interested in receiving catalyst monies should contact Sun Mountain Capital:

Funds Receiving Catalyst Investment:
*  Arrowhead Innovation Fundis focused on seed and early-stage investments to commercialize promising technologies developed by affiliates of New Mexico State University and participants of programs at NMSU’s Arrowhead Center.

*  Cottonwood Technology Fundis focused on seed and early-stage investments in fields such as bioscience, new energy, nanotechnology, information technologies, cleantech, and aerospace.

*  Tramway Venture Partnersis focused on seed and early-stage investments in bioscience and biotechnology.

*  The ABQidFund invests in startups that have successfully completed the ABQid Accelerator. The ABQid fund supports a variety of startups within a theme approach. The first theme, Health and Wellness, launched in 2017 to invest in NM-based startups building a healthier future, and other themes are in planning for launching in 2018 and 2019. For more information contact T.J. Cook,

*  NMA Venturesfunds early-stage, high-technology companies based in New Mexico. Ideal investment companies have a strong team, high-growth market opportunity, portfolio of intellectual property and a clear path to market.

*  BlueStone Venture Partnersis a new venture capital firm focused on life science technology opportunities in the Southwest. BlueStone is focused on early stage opportunities and believes that New Mexico has a significant amount of investment opportunity in this sector and stage of investment. BlueStone has offices in New Mexico and Arizona.

Bookmark this page and check back here regularly for updates on convenings, resources, and city/state ordinances that affect this industry sector.

Contact Rich Brown, Development Specialist for more details:
Phone: 505. 955-6625