Applying for a new Santa Fe business license

A business is defined as an activity or enterprise operating for financial gain, benefit, advantage or livelihood. The City of Santa Fe issues several types of business licenses for businesses located within the City limits or doing business in the City. The two most common business licenses we issue are: 

1) A standard commercial business license issued to a business that rents or owns commercial space, and/or 
2) A home-based business license, issued to a business which is located at your residence (with or without visiting clientele). 
3) A cannabis business license - before applying for your cannabis business license make sure you have your state approval letter along with your City of Santa Fe zoning approval letter to download with your application. 

Business licenses are issued by location. If you have a business with multiple locations, you'll be required to apply for a separate license for each location. 

Out-of-City business licensees must submit a business registration application and pay the fee. Businesses located within the City limits must first get a Certificate of Occupancy. Learn more about COs in the resources section.

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