Ft. Marcy Complex Hours

Monday - Thursday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm 
Fridays 6:00 am – 4:00 pm 
Saturdays 8:00 am – 4:00 pm 
Closed Sundays 

Ft. Marcy Aquatics Hours

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 6:00 am – 1:15 pm 
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays & Sundays 

Contact Ft. Marcy Complex

490 Bishops Lodge Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501

505-955-2500 or 505-955-2501

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Ft. Marcy General Information

Memberships and Fees


Ft. Marcy General Information

Play, Explore, Preserve 

Ft. Marcy Recreation Complex is a beautiful facility located in the heart of downtown Santa Fe. The complex boasts a 25-yard pool, a fully equipped weight room, a unique selection of cardio equipment, racquetball courts, and a full-court gymnasium. Ft. Marcy offers a comprehensive range of fitness classes and sports leagues. The community room is available for parties and event rentals. The adjacent parks have multiple fields, playgrounds, a walking path, a putting green, and stationary outdoor fitness equipment. 



Recreation Division Facility Rules and Regulations 

  • Everyone using the facilities must sign in and present a membership card. 
  • No alcohol or smoking is allowed in the complex. 
  • No food or drinks beyond the lobby area. 
  • No animals are allowed in the building except assistance dogs. 
  • Only staff are allowed behind the counter. 
  • Patrons must leave the workout area by closing time. 


Recreation Division Requirement for Children In All Facilities 

  • Children ages ten or younger must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older. If in the immediate vicinity, the adult may supervise no more than three children. 
  • Children ages 11-17 may be in the facility unaccompanied but may not be responsible for children under 11. 
  • In all pool facilities, children aged 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the water. 
  • Children under 14 are not allowed in the weight rooms. 
  • Children registered for a class or program do not need to be accompanied by an adult unless it is required as part of the activity (i.e., Parent/Tot Classes). 
  • Field trips and parties must have adult supervision as follows: 
    • Children 3-5 years of age - one adult per three children; 
    • Children 6-10 years of age - one adult per six children; 
    • Children 11-17 years of age - one adult per ten children. 


Recreation Division Code of Conduct 

The Recreation Division strives to provide a friendly, safe, and enjoyable family atmosphere for all patrons. In order to maintain a pleasant environment, all facility patrons must refrain from the following list of infractions. This list should not be construed as a complete list but rather represents the types of behavior that are deemed unacceptable. 

  1. Any actions interfering with or disrupting the ability of staff to provide a safe, family environment. 
  2. Failure to follow staff directions. 
  3. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs resulting in even the slightest degree of impairment or dealing or possession of illegal substances. 
  4. Use of foul, offensive, or abusive language. 
  5. Harassment, intimidation, or any other type of behavior that interferes with someone’s ability to use the center, including sexual harassment and creating a hostile environment for others. 
  6. Any physical or violent altercation with another person or staff. 
  7. Bringing any type of weapon into a Recreation Division Facility or onto the grounds of the facility. 
  8. Disregarding posted rules and misuse and or abuse of facility equipment. 
  9. Causing physical damage to anyone’s personal property. 
  10. Theft of property belonging to other patrons or staff. 
  11. Disruption of public or private activities. 

Towards this goal, the staff of the Recreation Division is committed to ensuring that all patrons follow the Code of Conduct so that nothing interferes with or disrupts our ability to provide a safe family environment. When patrons fail to abide by the Code of Conduct, staff may ask a patron to leave the facility for a set period of time, up to and including permanent suspension. In the event that an individual fails to follow staff direction, the Santa Fe Police Department will be contacted for assistance. Please be aware of and comply with all posted rules in the facilities. 


Lightning Watch 

Any time the immediate area is under a lightning watch, the pools, sauna, hot tub, and shower areas will be closed to ensure the safety of the patrons. This rule applies to all City pools. 


Changes to Schedule/Hours of Operation 

The City of Santa Fe reserves the right to change schedules, program hours, and/or hours of operation due to special events, pool maintenance, or unforeseen circumstances. 

Pay to Play 

All programs, classes, events, reservations, or rentals must be paid upfront and in full prior to use. 

Please note: No Class Punch Passes are being sold at this time.


Memberships and Fees

Annual Membership Fee
Youth (11-17) $200.00
Adult (15-59) $400.00
Adult Couple $600.00
Senior (60+) $200.00
Senior Couple $300.00


Daily Admission & Memberships 

Age Day Entry 10 Punch Pass 1 Month 3 Month Annual
Child (0-10 yrs) $1.50 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Youth (1-17 yrs) $3.00 N/A $25 $60 $200
Adult (18-59 yrs) $5.00 $45 $50 $125 $400
Adult Couple N/A N/A $85 $200 $600
Senior (60+ yrs) $3.00 $25 $25 $60 $200
Senior Couple N/A N/A $40 $100 $300

Get Fit For Life Fees

Yearly Membership Contract Only

FM/SP Facilities Monthly EFT
Adult $25.00
Adult Couple $40.00
Senior $15.00
Senior Couple $22.50
All Facilities Monthly EFT
Adult $50.00
Adult Couple $75.00
Senior $30.00
Senior Couple $43.50