End User Services

The End User Services Section is responsible for the installation, configuration, support, and maintenance of the City's desktop computers, the standard software suite, and associated devices, including phones.  End User Services responsibilities include:

  • Providing an IT Service Desk 505-955-4357 as the first point of contact for IT service requests and problems.
  • Maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, and upgrading desktop & laptop computers, printers, and peripheral hardware.
  • Configuring, installing, maintaining, and upgrading operating systems, standard desktop applications, and approved specialty software.
  • Providing limited user guidance on operating systems, standard desktop applications, network access, and e-mail usage.
  • Installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, programming, and repairing desktop phones and associated headsets.
  • Troubleshooting and synchronizing City cell phones with City e-mail and contacts.
  • Testing and evaluating hardware and software to determine efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with desktop systems.
  • Recommending desktop hardware and software for purchase.
  • Providing technical input to desktop computer hardware and software policies and procedures.