The HPD administers staff approvals as well as assists applicants with taking cases for review before the Historic Districts Review Board (HDRB) and the Archaeological Review Committee (ARC).

Applicants whose projects need to comply with the archaeological ordinance or need to apply for an ARC hearing can find out more here.

Applicants wishing to make modifications to properties within any of the five historic districts must fill out a Historic Districts Application Form.  After a request is made, the case will be assigned to an HPD staff member to assist in fulfilling the request.  

Administrative approvals are staff approvals provided for general maintenance or minor alterations to any property within one of the five historic districts.

The HDRB is the quasi-judicial body that reviews the historic status and modification of buildings and structures that cannot be administratively approved within the City of Santa Fe’s five historic districts.  The HDRB meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.  See HDRB hearing schedule.  A list of required items to be submitted to staff is provided here

To begin the process of either receiving administrative approval or to receive assistance with presenting a case to the HDRB, please fill out the Historic Districts Application Form and return it via email to Marisa Sargent. There is a $75.00 fee for initiating the application.

Marisa Sargent, Planner Tech Senior

Historic Districts Process

HDRB Process