Home Detention

This program is designed to reduce incarceration costs to the community and to enable defendants to continue to work in the community. Home detention is for non-violent offenders and may be used for pretrial releases as well as sentencing. Home detention consists of the defendant wearing an ankle bracelet. The defendant must have a landline telephone for connection and compliance reporting to the court. The defendant is also required to submit to random urinalysis testing ($15/test payable to Millennium Treatment Services).

The defendant must pay for some or all of the program. An indigent fund is available to help qualified defendants pay for some of the costs.


In addition to our Electronic Monitoring Program, we have also expanded to TAD (Transdermal Alcohol Detection). This technology is ideal for those defendants who have alcohol-related offenses and need closer supervision. Not only does TAD monitor a defendant's curfew at home, but it also detects alcohol use through the defendant's skin, providing instant notification of any violations involving alcohol. The fees associated with the TAD device are determined by the defendant's ability to pay.


Soberlink is a handheld wireless testing device designed for remote alcohol monitoring. The device obtains the participant's BAC and location and takes a picture during the breath test to verify identity. The BAC result, real-time image, and GPS location are instantly sent to the cloud-based monitoring portal where the results can be assessed remotely or will trigger automated alerts to be sent directly to any designated contact.