General Court information 

 Court Information Brochure English / Court Information Spanish

 Please Dress Appropriately:   

Court Policies:

  • No weapons, backpacks or large bags in the Courthouse
  • No cell phones, camera/audio-capable devices, or other electronics
  • No gum, food or drink
  • Only service animals allowed
  • No conversations in the courtroom while in session
  • No newspapers or reading material is allowed in the courtroom
  • Decorum in the courtroom is to be respected
  • Please address the Judge as "Your Honor" or by title "Judge"

Judges are not allowed to discuss your court case over the phone. Please contact the Municipal Court (505) 955-5070 to request to be added to the court docket or refer to our walk-in schedule. You may check to see if your name appears on our regular court docket.

Walk in Schedule

Please call Municipal Court to schedule a telephonic hearing which are currently being held on Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. Court telephone hearings are scheduled to begin starting at 8:30am. Regular scheduled cases have the priority to appear first in the session, followed by walk-ins, as time permits. Please contact the Municipal Court at (505) 955-5070 to schedule or verify any docket changes.  

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