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2511 Camino Entrada
Santa Fe, NM  87507

Main Line 505-955-5070
Fax 505-955-5159

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Payment Window
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday

 Please Dress Appropriately:   

  • No Hats
  • No Shorts
  • No Tank Tops
  • No Pajamas
  • No sunglasses unless prescribed
  • Shoes are required

Court Policies:

  • No weapons, backpacks, or large bags in the Courthouse
  • No cell phones, camera/audio-capable devices, or other electronics
  • No gum, food, or drink
  • Only service animals are allowed
  • No conversations in the courtroom while in session
  • No newspapers or reading material is allowed in the courtroom
  • Decorum in the courtroom is to be respected
  • Please address the Judge as "Your Honor" or by the title "Judge."

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Outreach Court

The Santa Fe Municipal Court’s Outreach Court is a collaborative effort between the Santa Fe Municipal Court, the Office of the City of Santa Fe Prosecutor, the City of Santa Fe Public Defender, and community providers.  This court follows the American Bar Association’s (ABA) seven guiding principles for Homeless Courts and is modeled after the San Diego Homeless Court. 

The model is based around local community service providers being the gateway for participants to enter into the program voluntarily. Outreach Court is unique from all other specialty courts as it is designed to work with individuals already engaged with service providers and give them an opportunity to resolve outstanding misdemeanor cases and warrants.  This is accomplished by collaborating with community providers that are already providing services to these individuals.

Outreach Court provides a progressive diversionary program, allowing alternative resolutions in lieu of custody, fines, and fees for most misdemeanor charges.  Participants may engage in life skills activities, substance abuse group meetings, literacy classes, and training or search for employment, counseling, and programming aimed at improving their situations under the guidance of their community provider.  The court acknowledges these endeavors in order to satisfy the court’s requirements.

Outreach Court enables homeless and precariously housed individuals who are actively engaged in the program to address their outstanding legal obligations, freeing them to reclaim their lives and return to the community as valued members.

Send us a referral through the “Unite Us” platform or reach out to the Outreach Court Coordinator.