Free EZ Child Identification Kits and Silver Alert Program

Would you know what to do if your child went missing? Every year hundreds of thousands of children are reported 'missing' across the country. It doesn't matter if they've been abducted, wander away in a crowd, or simply return late from the mall, the first moments are most crucial in helping to track them down and begin our investigative search. For parents it's difficult to provide officers the necessary information to help find their child in a time of crisis. That is why Santa Fe Police are offering EZ Child ID! It is the most comprehensive, technologically advanced digital fingerprinting and photo storing database system available, and we are the first department in the state to use it.

The system records child’s weight, height, vital facts, FBI quality fingerprints, pictures and even a video of an officer interviewing the child about their favorite hobbies, interests and places to hang out, so we know where to look first during an emergency. The information is stored on a disk or emailed directly to the parent (NO information is kept on record by the department). If the child ever goes missing, parents simply provide the file to the department and detectives have everything necessary to launch a Missing Person, Amber or, in the case of senior citizens, a Silver Alert.

Silver Alert kits are identical to Child ID, but with a few modifications to include medications and ailments the person may have. Silver Alerts are issued if an elderly person goes missing from a nursing home or wanders away from a caregiver. 

The EZ Child ID System is Amber Alert and Silver Alert certified through the Department of Justice making it even easier to issue a statewide or nationwide search when necessary.

Anyone interested in hosting or scheduling an event, please contact Officer Erica Montoya at  (505) 955-5282.

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