Community Activities

Below is a short list of the Community Activities that PCR was responsible for this year:

  • Operation Family Day for Corrections: Child outreach program
  • Operation Community Day on the Plaza: Neighborhood Watch incentive
  • Operation Car show: Fundraiser for Law Enforcement Torch Run
  • Operation Public Safety Day: City-wide Health and Family Day
  • Operation Santa Fe Cruisers on the Plaza: Community Outreach
  • Operation Blood Drive: In coordination with United Blood Services
  • Operation ID: Engraving and documenting personal items
  • Operation National Night Out: Community Watch
  • Operation State Fair: Unity in profession
  • Operation Re: Mike: St Michael's Drive Community revitalization
  • Operation Haunted House: $1500 donated for Gift Basket Program
  • Operation Canyon Road: Community assistance for Farolito Walk
  • Operation Holiday Patrol: Anti-Theft and Security for Holiday Season