The City of Santa Fe's Public Utility Billing Division will consider adjusting customer utility services accounts when a customer experiences higher water consumption than usual due to a water leak, theft, or vandalism that results from conditions beyond the customer's reasonable control or knowledge.


PLEASE NOTE the following terms. 

  1. Only one (1) leak adjustment will be authorized within a 12-month period.
  2. An adjustment is limited to one (1) monthly billing period.
  3. The customer remains responsible for all water consumption, and in the case of an adjustment approval, the customer will pay for the water consumed at the lowest billing rate.
  4. Continuing leaks and or high consumption subject an account to disconnection of water service pursuant to City of Santa Fe Municipal Code § 25-3 and § 25 Exhibit A, Rule 9d.
  5. Should the party in control of the property fail to repair a leak within a reasonable time period as determined by the City, no adjustment will be granted and City may discontinue water service pursuant to § 25. 

PLEASE NOTE the following requirements.  

  1. Customers may submit a Water Leak Adjustment Application only when the continuous water flow associated with a leak, vandalism, or water theft has stopped. A leak must be repaired, and in the case of theft or vandalism, the customer must file a police report and take action to reduce the likelihood of future theft or vandalism. 
  2. Customers must apply for the adjustment no later than 60 days following the occurrence of the increased consumption.
  3. Customers must continue to pay their monthly utility bill with an amount consistent with their average bill while an adjustment is under consideration.
  4. The increased consumption must be higher than any consumption amount in the prior 12 months (not necessary if the customer did not occupy the property during the prior year) AND the overage amount must be above the maximum amount allowed for during the applicable irrigation or non-irrigation month at the time of the leak, theft or vandalism. 
  5. Customers agree to any investigation that the City deems necessary to confirm or investigate the circumstances related to the higher-than-usual water consumption.