Low-Income Credit Application 

Customers may complete and submit the Low Income Credit Application online by clicking the link above.  Customers may also print the application and either mail it or drop it off at the Utility Billing Division office at 801 W San Mateo, Santa Fe, NM 87505.


Please read both sides of the application carefully before signing and sending it. Incomplete, inaccurate, illegible, and or unsigned applications will not be accepted. Call Customer Service at 505-955-4333 if you have any questions regarding the application or your eligibility.  



City of Santa Fe Municipal Code § 15-1.3, Poverty Exemption, allows customers to qualify for and be granted exemptions from the following monthly residential utility charges if their total annual gross household income falls below the City’s Low-Income Limits and they meet the requirements listed below: sewer assessment & charges; refuse assessment & charges; water service charge (if individually metered); stormwater assessment, and; annual water conservation charge.

  • The household's total gross annual income must not exceed one-hundred-twenty percent (120%) of the most recent federal poverty guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Applicants must reside, and be the head of the household, at the service address.

  • Applicants must provide the names, ages, and incomes of all persons residing in the household. Persons listed must be consistent with those appearing on income tax forms and or other benefit documentation. 

  • Applicants must provide documentation of any and all income and financial assistance for all family members
    in the household and submit it with the application. Additional verification may be required.

    ?  Applicants filing taxes must provide a copy of their current year's Federal and State income tax filings.

    ?  Applicants that are not required to file Federal and State income taxes must provide documentation and information related to all income and financial assistance being received for the total household. 

    ?  Documentation for the total household income includes, but is not limited to: household member wages; social security; retirement; unemployment; disability; veteran’s benefits; State cash assistance (welfare payments); alimony; child support; interests and dividends; royalties; and rental income. 

  • Qualified (low-income) applicants aged 60 years or older and applicants with a verified permanent disability may receive credit on an annual basis for the period between May 1 and April 30 (annual credit). An initial
    application may be submitted at any time, but a new application must be submitted every April by the 30th to
    continue receiving the credit. Permanently disabled applicants must include a statement of Social Security
    Disability Income.

  • Qualified (low-income) applicants less than 60 years of age with NO permanent disability may receive credit two (2) times in a 12-month period (semi-annual credit) for periods of three (3) months. These may be consecutive or separated in time. To continue receiving the credit for a consecutive three-month period without interruption, applicants must submit a new application before the end of their current credit period.

  • Customers must comply with Municipal Codes §13 Stormwater, §15-1 Utility Billing,  §21 Environmental Services, §22 Sewers, and §25 Water.