• Only residential properties with two (2) or more dwelling units and a master meter are eligible for a multi-family classification. Multi-family units must be in a contiguous development.
    • Any transient lodging, such as hotels, motels, bed-and-breakfast establishments, guest houses, or similar temporary temporary lodging does not qualify.
    • Institutional facilities providing health care services, including nursing homes, rest homes, and facilities at which mental health or substance abuse/recovery services are provided do not qualify.
    • Properties at which services are offered to the public for a fee, which may be in addition to or the same as services offered to residents, do not qualify.
    • Businesses served by a master meter which also serves dwelling units do not qualify and will be billed according to the small commercial classification. Approved home occupancy businesses are exempt from this provision.
  • Property owners are required to provide information regarding the type of use and number of dwelling units. Please review the application for a more in-depth description of the required information. Additional information may also be required.
  • The city reserves the right to determine the character of service based upon the actual use of the water, the use of the property, the zoning of the property, and such other relevant information.
  • The new classification will not go into effect until the customer’s application has been reviewed, verified, and approved.
  • There are no retroactive credits for past small commercial charges.
  • The City will not allow property owners approved for a multi-family classification to later apply for small commercial classification unless the character (purpose and use of the property) changed, and as a result, qualifies for small commercial classification.