Refuse Vacancy Credit Application



  • Tenants, businesses, and multi-family units are not eligible for refuse vacancy credit.
  • A refuse vacancy credit is limited to a three-month period. A separate application is required for any future three-month vacancy period.
  • An application must be submitted prior to the requested credit period. No retroactive credit will be considered.
  • Applications must be complete and legible in order to be Property owner representatives must attach documentation of authority to act on a property owner's behalf.
  • The utility account balance must be current for application consideration.
  • Monthly sewer abutment and variable fees continue to be assessed pursuant to Municipal Code 22-7.1
  • Monthly utility bills must continue to be paid by the due date throughout the period of vacancy. Applicants may choose to make an advance payment at the time of application.
  • Applicants may choose to either have the water service turned off and pay a reconnect fee, or to have the water service left on and certify there will be a monthly consumption of 500 gallons or less.
  • Credit for the vacancy period will not be given if water consumption is greater than 500 gallons in any month during the vacancy period. Any credit given will be removed from the account.
  • Credit will be applied to the applicant’s first bill of their billing cycle following approval of the application.
  • No refund checks will be issued for approved account credits.
  • Applicants providing false information will lose their account credit promptly upon the City’s knowledge of having received false information, and the City shall be entitled to recover any fraudulently exempted credit and applicable interest and penalties.

Please refer to Municipal Code § 21 Environmental Services for information regarding the city’s solid waste management, and customer refuse and recycling services.