Environmental Compliance Office

The City's Environmental Compliance Office is responsible for protecting Santa Fe's source waters and ensuring that the city's drinking water meets or exceeds minimum water quality standards set out by State and Federal laws and regulations.

The federal Safe Drinking Water Act ensures that the City has a cyclical water sampling and analyses regime in place for exposing contaminants that pose a known health risk.  Any detection of contaminants is reported to both the public and the New Mexico Environment Department, which is responsible for enforcement of the provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act.


2021 source water protection plan

Draft 2021 Source Water Protection Plan

2021 Source Water Protection Plan Story Map

2021 Source Water Protection Plan Comment Form


HELP US MONITOR Water quality

The City of Santa Fe is looking for citizens who would like to participate in our Compliance Water Sampling by allowing us to do this at your residence.

Your house would need to have year-round accessibility of a spigot or frost-free hydrant in the front yard.

The water would be run for approximately 5 minutes once a month by a City of Santa Fe employee.

Please let us know if you would be interested.

Call 955-4333 if you have any questions and would like to sign-up.



Public Notice and Certification 11.9.17

Water Quality Report (CCR)

The City's Water Division publishes an Annual Water Report, also known as a Consumer Confidence Report, that includes information on Source of Supply, Source Water Assessment and Availability, Monitoring Results, Drinking Water Definition and including a comprehensive Water Quality Table.