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Residential Pipeline Map Questions and Answers 

What is the residential pipeline map? 

The residential pipeline map is a planning tool created by the City of Santa Fe Planning and Land Use Department to track residential development projects and construction. The map was created in the fall of 2020 in response to the increase in development projects in the City.  


How do I use the residential pipeline map? 

Click here for detailed instructions on how to use the map.


What development and construction projects does the residential pipeline map display? 

The residential pipeline map displays small to large-scale projects from 4-lot subdivisions of single-family homes to 200+ unit multifamily developments. Projects on the map date back to 2017.  


What stages of development and construction do the residential pipeline map track? 

The residential pipeline map tracks residential development at four stages: 

  • Under Review: This category describes residential development applications currently received and under review by the Planning and Land Use Department, Planning Commission, and Governing Body if applicable.  
  • Approved: This category describes projects that have been approved by the Planning Commission and Governing Body if applicable.  
  • Under Construction: This category describes projects that have been granted building permits.   
  • Completed: This category describes projects that have been constructed since 2017. 


How does the residential pipeline map display affordable units?  

Users of the residential pipeline map can simply click on a project circle on the map and view the number of affordable units for that project per council district or for the city at large. 


What is affordable housing?  

The City of Santa Fe uses area median income (AMI) data provided annually by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to derive affordable home prices and rents. Typically, an affordable housing expense is defined as no more than 1/3 of monthly household income. 


What are the affordable housing categories? 

  • Small Project Fee – development with ten or fewer units (homeownership) or twelve units (rental) is allowed to pay a “small project fee” instead of including affordably-priced homes.
  • FILO – Fee In Lieu Of – market-rate rental projects that pay a fee in lieu of including on-site rent-restricted homes, as allowed by Resolution 2019 and only applicable to rental projects
  • Not Applicable – the affordability requirements don’t apply to hospitality uses or assisted living facilities (considered health care)
  • Included – Including price restrictions on homes that are set aside for income-qualified renters (15%) or homeowners (20%)
  • ALT Compliance - In cases where extreme financial hardship will result from including price restrictions on site AND a developer can prove that a proposed means of alternate compliance will better meet affordable housing needs, a request for alternate compliance can be made. These alternatives can be to provide homes off-site, paying a fee in lieu of dedicating land to a 100% affordable project, and are subject to Governing Body approval.


What other data is available to users of the residential pipeline map? 

Users of the residential pipeline map can access information on the total number of developments and their unit mix, total units per council district, and totals for the city as a whole. 


When was the residential pipeline map created? 

The residential pipeline map was created in PDF form in the fall of 2020. The map was updated as an interactive GIS-based map in 2022. 


How up-to-date is the data on the residential pipeline map? 

The residential pipeline map was updated on May 11, 2023. Map summaries will be updated quarterly. 


Who may I contact with questions or comments regarding the residential pipeline map? 

Please contact with any questions or comments.  



Residential Pipeline Summary


Under Review

Citywide: 1442

D1: 163

D2: 44

D3: 734




Citywide: 4654

D1: 118

D2: 416

D3: 2265



Under Construction

Citywide: 3045

D1: 410

D2: 8

D3: 1062




Citywide: 1230

D1: 62

D2: 120

D3: 0