Supplemental Disinfection Analysis - Public Utilities | City of Santa Fe
Bid Number: 40-M0087-23-EM098
Status: Awarded
Open Date: 09/25/2023 Close Date: 09/25/2024 4:00pm

Project Manager
P. Fred Heerbrandt, P.E.


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The Paseo Real Wastewater Reclamation Facility has struggled with maintaining effective disinfection due to an aging UV system and water quality upsets at the facility. Development of a supplemental disinfection plan and system will allow the facility to maintain compliant disinfection during challenging water quality conditions. Carollo will be providing engineering support to develop a supplementary disinfection approach using chlorine. Previous work with Carollo has developed methods and actions to maintain maximal UV effectiveness and disinfection performance has improved. This investigation of supplemental disinfection methods is being pursued to provide more robust and reliable performance until a new, modern, effective UV disinfection system can be designed and installed.

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