City Attorney’s Office

  1. Prevailed in Zia Station Court of Appeals Case
    This Development includes hundreds of new residences, a mixed-use development, easy access to multimodal transportation, and a walkable grocery store.
  2. Hired the Department’s First Policy Analyst and Developed a Policy Research Request Form 2.
  3. Completed Sale of Alto Street building
    This sale generated over $400K for the City.
  4. Assisted City with Midtown Master Plan, Community Development Plan, RFP Issuances, and Exclusive Negotiation Agreements
  5. Assisted Airport to Enter Several New Leases and Comply with a Variety of Federal Regulations
  6. Facilitated the City’s Decennial Charter Commission
  7. Implemented a Contracts Submission Form for Legal Review of Contracts
    This creates one entrance for legal review of contracts, automates tracking, and will allow much better data collection regarding contract submissions.
  8. Supported the Redistricting Commission in adopting a new Council District Map



Community & Economic Development

  1. Affordable Homeownership
    33 Santa Feans bought homes with mortgage assistance loans. Fourteen homeowners improved the safety and comfort of their homes. Fifteen home sites are prepared for construction in Tierra Contenta. City Investment: $1,197,059
  2. Emergency Housing Assistance
    622 Families and Individuals kept their homes or were provided safe places to stay. City Investment: $1,043,970
  3. Community Development
    Planning and design completed for a Safe-Routes-To-School path to El Camino Real Academy. City Investment: $84,484
  4. Affordable Rental
    58 rental home conversions were initiated at the Lamplighter Inn. 302 affordable rental homes renovated or upgraded. Ten affordable rental homes for seniors designed for future construction. City Investment: $3,108,883
  5. Public Services
    804 SFPS students and their families received social support and housing services. 582 households received shelter services or supportive housing. City Investment: $1,100,788
  1. Awarded 49 Grants to Arts and Culture Organizations in Santa Fe
    Grant recipients included a wide range of arts and culture organizations, from internationally famous institutions to local grassroots community organizations.
  2. Successfully Hired an Arts and Culture Director, a Deputy Arts and Culture Director, and a New Project Specialist
  3. Sponsorships of Community Events
    Co-sponsored events, including the first-ever Native Nations Pow Wow on the Plaza, Juneteenth, Santa Fe Pride, and the Cloudtop Comedy Festival.
  4. Partnered with the Santa Fe Indian Market (SWAIA, the Southwestern Association for Indian Arts) to Launch a SWAIA Silent Auction Show at the Community Gallery
    Arts & Culture engaged in a successful partnership with SWAIA, which utilized the Community Gallery for two weeks around the Indian Market and held a show and Silent Auction. This reached a significant number of SWAIA attendees and brought hundreds of people to the Community Gallery.
  5. Installed Two Pieces of Public art in Entrada Park: Tom Osgood’s “Sentry” and DeAnn Wagner’s “Red Chair”
  1. OED Awarded $100,000 Creative Industries Grant
    The $100,000 grant will support the Santa Fe Office of Economic Development in crafting a community navigator hub that will amplify the creative industries ecosystem in Santa Fe.
  2. Landmark Milestones for Midtown: two exclusive negotiated agreements (ENAs) that focus on both film production and the visual arts finalize
    Over 60 full-time jobs were created, and a contribution of $6M in wages and an additional $2M was funneled through artist contracts. The film studio alone projects a remarkable $100 million economic influx.
  3. OED Helping to Develop Hispanic Immigrant Entrepreneurship Through Community Engagement
    The Feria Southside and Mercado events have become community hubs. With the first Feria in 2022 attracting 73 vendors and 600 plus attendees, subsequent events in 2023 saw a steady rise in engagement, reaching up to 650 plus attendees.
  4. Providing Continued Support for High Growth Businesses Through LEDA and JTIP
  5. Building Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Coffee & Collabs
    The first three events have brought together over 200 attendees to discuss crucial topics like community engagement, inclusion, and workforce development.
  1. Land Development Code Phase One Update Underway
  2. General Plan Update Resolution and Request for Proposals
    The General Plan update project will include a digital platform that will provide transparency throughout the process and allow for consistent feedback from the community.
  3. Third-Party Plan Review (TPPR) to Provide an Additional and Alternative Approach to Plan Review for Building Permitting
  4. Digital Housing Pipeline Platform
    The new web-based map increases access and transparency by providing updated information on housing development to all residents, policymakers, and city staff online. The pipeline snapshot has 1,442 Dwelling Units “under review,” 4,654 DUs “Approved,” 3,045 DUs “under construction, and 1,230 DUs “Completed."
  5. Business Licensing was Brought Under the Planning and Land Use Department
  1. Pandemic Tourism Recovery
    A large part of the city's economy is supported by the tourism industry. FY23 lodger’s tax, a great measure of success, was at a level of more than $17.5 million. The strongest pre-pandemic collections in a fiscal year were just under $13 million.
  2. Outstanding Accolades
    Year to date (since January 2023), Santa Fe has received 28 significant accolades that are listed on Accolades include #2 Favorite City Destination in reader polls from Travel and Leisure and Conde Nast. Travel and Leisure also ranked Santa Fe #21 in the world. 4th Most Beautiful in the World from Redbook Magazine. Moviemaker Magazine ranked Santa Fe as the #1 smaller city on the list of the “Best Places to Live and Work as a Movie Maker.” Men’s Journal selected Santa Fe as one of the “9 Best Small Towns in America for Every Type of Traveler”. Food and Wine honored Santa Fe on the list of “The 10 Best Cities for Neighborhood Restaurants in the U.S.” Cosmopolitan named Santa Fe as the #2 destination on its list of “40 of the Best Girl’s Trip Destinations in the U.S.”
  3. Creation of a Tourism Santa Fe Creative Office
    The division now produces a city map, superior Visitor Guide and has added a Dining Guide and Flamenco brochure. Next project is a Guide to the Southside.
  4. Local Use of Convention Center
    The CCC has become the envisioned gathering place for our community to celebrate weddings, quinceneras, graduations, art, and meetings. During FY23, the building was in use for 280 days, with 104 social events, nine art exhibitions, and 79 meetings. Twenty groups also used the facility to support occupancy at our hotels.
  5. Condition of Community Convention Center Restored to Near New Condition



City Clerk & Community Engagement

  1. Public Campaign Financing Online Portal/Petitions Online Signature
    Candidates seeking election can now accept campaign contributions online and receive signatures online. Santa Fe is the second city in NM to now offer online options for Public Campaign Financing.
  2. City Clerk Process & Operations Processed
    617 contracts City-wide, including all governing body contracts. Reviewed/processed 80 standing committee agendas. Fulfilled eight requests for English-Spanish interpretation of city meetings. Built and implemented a new committee schedule for the upcoming calendar year that places all finance meetings before governing body meetings to streamline the committee approval process. Implemented a new process for reviewing standing committee agendas to ensure the accuracy of information provided to the public and that internal policies are followed for items that need GB approval.
  3. Processed 42 Liquor Licenses, 257 Special Dispenser Permits, Obtained City Liquor License for Fort Marcy Park, Processed 300 Invoices for City Clerk/Community Engagement Department
  4. Updated the City Records Center
    Implemented digital record-keeping and in the process of implementing a new resolution for records retention.
  5. Clerk’s Office Initiated and Reconvened the Independent Citizens Redistricting Committee
    Reviewed and approved the new districts in advance of the 2023 Regular Local Election.
  1. Digital Reach
    Website: 1.1M site visits, 2.2M page visits.
    Social Media: 75,000 profile visits across all platforms.
    Email: Sent 724,980 individual emails to subscribers and had a 49% open rate (15% above the industry average).
  2. Implemented a New Process for City Business Cards
    Moved the entire process in-house for efficiency and cost savings. Produced over 180 business card sets so far.
  3. Senior Scene Production & Distribution
    Printed & distributed over 3000 Senior newsletters each month. Implemented a digital subscription option for the Senior Scene Magazine and grew the number of subscribers by 800% in six months.
  4. Supported the City’s First Double-Feature Movie Series, Teen Center Grand Opening, and Several Other Events
  5. Completed the Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe Logo Redesign
  1. Restructured City Nuisance Team
    Addressed two long-term nuisance properties and have an additional 14 nuisance properties that are being dealt with under the new system.
  2. Processed 5,834 Work Orders and Resolved 92.17% of Those
  3. Managed the ongoing Plaza Park Artist/Artisan and Pushcart Vendor Programs
    Including soliciting new applications, reviewing, and licensing the 23-27 Plaza Park Artist/Artisans and Pushcart Vendors (four pushcart vendors and 23 artists).
  4. Ran a Pilot Program for Shopping Cart Collection with a Contractor to Collect and Return 488 Carts



Community Health & Safety

  1. Provided Warm Clothing and Other Essentials to Vulnerable Populations During CODE BLUE
  2. Purchased Two Access and Functional Needs Communications Kits
    Provided communications capabilities for AFN individuals
  3. Conducted Full-Scale Terrorism Exercise with NM National Guard 64th Civil Support Team (CST)
  4. Conducted a Table-Top Active Shooter Exercise with City Leadership
  5. Initiated All Employee Active Shooter Training
  1. Digital Information Dashboard for Enhanced 911 Response
    By providing real-time call information and maps, this tool enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of SFFD’s 911 response.
  2. Purchased One Fire Engine, One Large Rescue Vehicle, and Three Ambulances
  3. Wildland Temporary Employees Replaced as Permanent Employees
    This change improves SFFD’s ability to protect lives, property, and natural resources by ensuring a year-round wildfire response.
  4. Transitioned to Digital Timekeeping with UKG
  5. Two Academies One Year/Laterals
    The recruitment of two cadet academies and lateral employees is a significant milestone in the Fire Department’s history, creating a well-staffed and highly-trained fire department year-round.
  1. Installation of Period Pods at Southside Library and La Farge Library
  2. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Big Read Grant Award 2024
    Funding from NEA and Friends of the Library, with a $20,000 matching grant, will allow for another community-wide reading celebration in 2024.
  3. Upgrades to Technology
    Upgrades include a Mini Scribe given to the Library by the State Library at no cost. The Topaz magnifier was also a donation. Replacement of technology, new calendar, and reservation system cost approximately $150,000.00. Funding primarily came from GO Bond and State Aid from the State Library and the Friends of the Library, with some funding from the general fund.
  4. Increase in Children’s Programming
    Approximately $100,000 of which was provided by the Friends of Santa Fe Public Library.
  5. Diversity and Inclusion Programs
    The library has been committed to creating safe spaces for the community and providing programs that address difficult issues and provide information and context. Some examples of this programming include Dia de Muertos Community Ofrendas, Drag Queen Story Time during the Santa Fe Pride celebration, a queer book club for teens, lectures and programs around Japanese-American internment camps, the indigenous experience in Santa Fe, programs around BIPOC writers and poets, programs on women’s history in the southwest, and a concert series focusing on indigenous and New Mexican music.
  1. Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Program
    The introduction of the drone program provides enhanced technological capabilities, allowing for more efficient monitoring of public spaces, safer response to emergencies, and more efficient data collection for investigations.
  2. Maintained Focus on Reducing Patrol Section Vacancies
    This has been a multi-year effort. However, in the short term, in December of 2022 the Patrol Section saw a 17.5% vacancy rate which had been reduced by 5% to 12.5% by October 2023.
  3. At Least 10 Hyperfocused Proactive Operations Thus Far in 2023
  4. Major Policy Updates – National and Local Best Practices
    By updating policies to align with national and local best practices, the department ensures transparency, accountability, and professionalism in its operations.
  5. K9 Unit Reorganization / K9 Unit Commander
    An efficient K9 Unit is crucial for situations that require specialized canine skills, such as search and rescue, narcotics detection, and crowd control.
  1. Santa Fe Teen Center Opening
    The Teen Center is a space where students can work on homework, play video games, read in a quiet area, learn or enhance essential life skills, participate in themed events, and create works of art.
  2. Youth Program Participation for Summer and Afterschool
    There were 600 participants in the youth program and 75 in the afterschool program.
  3. Youth Symposium 2023
    One hundred eighty youth participants across three days for a total of 540.
  4. Swimming Lessons and Scholarships
    Provided 432 affordable swimming lessons throughout the summer. Twenty-five scholarships are available for Melissa Bustos Youth Program, and 15 are for Learn to Swim.
  5. Technology Upgrades at GCCC
    TV projection systems are upgraded at the facility. The fitness and weight room has televisions for viewing while constituents work out.
  1. Transition from Curbside Meals to Congregate Meals
    Congregate meals serve dual purposes: providing nutrition to folks 60 and older and giving them the opportunity to socialize with their peers. Total meals served: 182,622. Average meals per week: 3512. Average meals per week: 700.
  2. Reopened the Division of Senior Services Activities Program at Three Senior Centers, MEG, Pasatiempo, and Luisa.
  3. The Senior Olympic Program
    Registered 257 Athletes for FY-23
  4. Senior Companion Program
    Twenty-five volunteers provided 24,926 hours of telephone and in-person companionship to over 50 seniors.
  5. Foster Grandparent Program
    Fifteen Volunteers provided 9,991 hours of mentoring and tutoring to over 50 children in nine Santa Fe Public Schools, Boys & Girls Club, and Earthcare.
  6. In FY 23, Volunteers in Our Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Provided 37,942 Hrs of Service to 50+ Community Partners in Santa Fe.
  7. Reinstating in-home Support and Respite Care Services
  8. Provided 15,188 rides to Seniors in Santa Fe
  1. Implemented a Text-to-Donate Line and Wellness Fund in Partnership with United Way of North Central New Mexico. Individuals who want to help those in crisis can now donate funds via a text-to-donate line. Those funds go back to the community and are used to support individuals seeking services/resources via CONNECT.
  2. The Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence/Sexual Assault/Human Trafficking (DV/IPV/SA/HT) Victim/Survivor Support Services Interagency Workflow Project was launched.
  3. Implementation of an online grantee application for Human Services and Children and Youth Commissions grantees
  4. Created Two Navigator Positions to Support the CONNECT Hub.
  5. Consuelo’s Place Non-Congregate Shelter Served 288 People, Including Families with Children, Navigating More than 30% of Them to Permanent Housing.
    NM Coalition to End Homelessness and members of Consuelo’s Board from Lifelink, Interfaith Shelter, and St. Elizabeth’s Shelters and Supportive Housing provided support. 




  1. FY2021 Audit Submitted to the State Auditor on June 30, 2023, and Released on July 31.
  2. Munis will be Upgraded in January 2023 (from Version 2011 to Version 2019) to Modernize and improve efficiency in City government operations.
  3. Fitch and S&P Bond Ratings Affirmed, S&P Credit Watch Resolved
    Independent, unbiased confirmation that the City’s financial position is secure. In October 2023, Fitch said, “The city’s ‘AA+’ IDR and GO bond ratings reflect ample revenue flexibility, demonstrated spending control, a moderate long-term liability burden, and the maintenance of superior financial resilience.”
  4. Operating Budget Prepared and Submitted to the State Department of Finance Administration On-Time by June 1
  5. Implemented Month-End Close Process and Robust, Sequential Year-End Close Process, Including Clear Timelines and Deadlines from March Through September and Extensive Communication and Training for City Staff
  6. Reduced Overall Vacancy Rate from 24.95% in July 2022 to 20.47% in June 2023. Police Operations Vacancy Rates Were Reduced from 25.14% to 10.40%
  7. Hired 249 Employees from July 2022 to June 2023
  8. Promoted 161 Employees from July 2022 to June 2023
  9. Trained a Total of 3,857 Employees



Information Technology & Telecommunication

  1. PSRS (Public Radios) Moved to improve radio coverage in the Santa Fe Area for the City of Santa Fe Fire and Police Departments. Established a redundant network with the State’s statewide towers and 24/7 support system.
  2. Munis Upgrade
    Took care of multiple audit findings, protected against breaches of the system, provided security protection, and protected the users—improved overall system and uses.
  3. Implementation of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    This service is called Artic Wolf Managed Detection and Response Service, which focuses on Advanced Threat Detection and Response.
  4. Implementation of a Real-Time Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment Service
    Around the clock monitoring for vulnerabilities, system misconfigurations, and account takeover exposure across endpoints, networks, and cloud environments.
  5. Implementation of a Real-Time Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment Service
    Around the clock monitoring for vulnerabilities, system misconfigurations, and account takeover exposure across endpoints, networks, and cloud environments.
  6. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    Provides security for the users.



Public Utilities

  1. Division Director Named Recycler of the Year by New Mexico Recycling Coalition.
  2. Keep Santa Fe Beautiful Project Renovated 3 Medians – Two on Paseo de Peralta and One on Cerrillos & St. Francis with a Grant and Private Funding from the Non-Profit Santa Fe Beautiful Committee
  3. Published new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report Showing a 15% Decrease in Emissions Since 2015, Even as We added 5,000 New Residents
  4. Re-Launched the Solarize Santa Fe Campaign
    In its second year, the program resulted in 29 new solar installations at a more affordable price. The City of Santa Fe contributed $5,000 to six incomequalified households to make sure everyone can afford to go solar. The City of Santa Fe received honorable mention in the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Achievement Awards for the program.
  5. Re-Launched the Solarize Santa Fe Campaign
    In its second year, the program resulted in 29 new solar installations at a more affordable price. The City of Santa Fe contributed $5,000 to six incomequalified households to make sure everyone can afford to go solar. The City of Santa Fe received honorable mention in the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Achievement Awards for the program.
  1. Awarded San Juan Chama (SJC) Return Pipeline Engineering Design
    Contract The SJC Return Pipeline will allow the City to use approximately three times more SJC water than is currently possible without having to purchase additional water rights. This project is a major contributor to Santa Fe’s long-term water security and resilience.
  2. Procurement of C.F. Padilla for the Nichols Dam Outlet Works Rehabilitation Project
    Procurement of a construction contractor allows the Water Division to begin repairs on Nichols Dam (scheduled to begin in FY24). This project, scheduled to be completed in 2025, will increase public safety and significantly improve the Water Division’s ability to manage the watershed.
  3. Maintained 100% Drinking Water Quality Compliance
    We provided safe drinking water to the community and incurred no sampling violations. There are 120 sampling sites around the city, many of which are at private residences that allow us to sample from their taps.
  4. MaPump Rebuilds of Buckman Wells #11 and #12 and Buckman Station #3
    Accomplishment: Pump rebuilds of Buckman wells #11 and #12 and Buckman Station#3. Buckman Wells 11 and 12 can provide up to 2.2M gallons of groundwater daily to supply the community. Buckman Booster #3 can, at times, move more than half (11MGD) of the system supply demand on a peak day.
  5. BDD Produced Over 1.5B Gallons of Drinking Water for Santa Fe and the Surrounding Community.
  1. Managed Spring Snowmelt Runoff
    Effectively managing the runoff on the Santa Fe River during the spring runoff is more of a safety function in some years than others. This year, we managed to fill our two reservoirs to capacity without an uncontrolled downstream release (spilling) or any major dam safety issues.
  2. Completed Demand Projections to Support Long-Range Planning and Presented the Projections to the Public in Two Live Q&A Sessions
  3. Hosted Generation Water Summit
    City/County customers could attend and learn for free and attend community tours around the City demonstrating conservation principles.
  4. Expanded WaterWise Program
    Currently, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and commercial buildings can be assessed for water efficiency through the WaterWise program. This FY, medical facilities were added. Over 150 businesses have taken advantage of the program.
  5. Water Conservation Demonstration Garden Used for Public Tours
    A second demonstration garden in front of the Water Division building in San Mateo is underway and will be completed next spring. A virtual component was developed to support residents who want to tour the garden outside of normal working hours, along with plant lists for each section of the garden for residents to reference.
  1. Created New Training Programs to Ensure Safe Operation of Vehicles at the Airport
  2. Developed Standard Operating Procedures for Managing Daily Airport Activity
  3. Opened 17 New Airport Staff Positions That Will Guarantee Successful Operation of the Airport for Many Years and Added 3 Additional Flights
  4. Acquired New Equipment to Replace Older, Nonfunctioning Equipment
  5. Secured $7,821,705.00 in Federal and State Grant Funding
  1. Guadalupe Street and Bridge Reconstruction Project Initiated
  2. Secured Over $20M in Grants for 23 Critical Roadway and Trails Projects in Various Phases
  3. Filled 4096 Potholes in FY2022 and 5392 in FY2023
  4. Performed 70,0000 ft of Crack Sealing on Roads with New Equipment
  5. Over $50M in Grant Funding Secured for Ongoing Roadway and Trail Projects
  1. City-Wide Solarization Project
    Offset 80% of energy usage at select City facilities and 60% of energy usage at Water Utility facilities. In addition to the solar arrays installed at 17 facilities, this project also installed energy-efficient LED lighting, retrofitted water conservation devices, replaced transformers with high-efficiency units, and weatherized buildings.
  2. Construction of the New Santa Fe Teen Center Facility
    This facility fills a critical need, providing programs and a gathering space for our community's present and future teens. This is the only center of this type in the City of Santa Fe. It is expected to achieve LEED Silver certification, meaning the building earned a third-party rating for using green materials, energy-efficient systems, water-efficiency features, and other sustainable features.
  3. Developed New Railyard Policies and Procedures Which Allowed for and Assisted in Coordinating and Hosting the International Folk Art Market (IFAM) at the Railyard Park
    The new processes provide increased clarity and flexibility for the use and oversight of the Railyard and Railyard Park. IFAM, with over 17,000 attendees, of whom 80% are local and vendors from around the world, generated over $4 million in revenue and exposed many constituents to the park for the first time.
  4. Developed New Railyard Policies and Procedures Which Allowed for and Assisted in Coordinating and Hosting the International Folk Art Market (IFAM) at the Railyard Park
    The new processes provide increased clarity and flexibility for the use and oversight of the Railyard and Railyard Park. IFAM, with over 17,000 attendees, 80% of whom are local and vendors from around the world, generated over $4 million in revenue and exposed many constituents to the park for the first time.
  5. Ft. Marcy Roof, Mechanical, and Natatorium Renovation and Upgrades
    This project included a new roof, new pool deck/drains, and an upgrade of the pool room mechanical systems.
  1. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Marty Sanchez & Adoption of the New Logo
    Commemorated the legacy of Marty Sanchez and embraced a future-forward approach with an enhanced brand image.
  2. Absorbed Northern Soccer Club and Monte del Sol boys’ and girls’ Soccer Teams at MRC for Games and Practices During the Soccer Season
    Over 350 youth players benefitted from this integration, which created a surge in local sporting events. The remaining 500 youth are welcomed to SWAN Park!
  3. Restrooms Modernized Throughout the Golf Course and MRC Athletic Field
    The new restrooms now feature environmentally friendly and water conservation fixtures, aligning with the Parks and Open Space Division’s commitment to sustainability.
  4. Accomplishment: Successfully Hosted the 25th Annual “Fore” Kids Golf Tournament Along with 9 Other Community Tournaments
    The City’s “Fore” Kids Tournament raised a record $15,000, for a total of approximately $120,000.
  5. Resumption of Regular Aeration, Top-Dressing, and Verticutting all 30 Greens at Golf Course
  1. Replaced 600 old parking meters in the downtown area in May.
  2. Parking planning for all major events (IFAM, Zozobra, Spanish Market, etc.).
  3. New maintenance policies led to cleaner parking garages.
  1. Intensified Weeds Clean-Up and Revamped Median Maintenance
    The introduction of the Foamstream L12 provides a non-toxic solution to weed control, ensuring the safety and health of our residents, their pets, and the environment.
  2. Intensified Weeds Clean-Up and Revamped Median Maintenance
    The introduction of the Foamstream L12 provides a non-toxic solution to weed control, ensuring the safety and health of our residents, their pets, and the environment.
  3. Strategic Growth with TreeSmart SF Canopy Program
    TreeSmart Santa Fe, guided by the City, strategically enhances urban livability by expanding our green canopy. Beyond aesthetics and shade, a well-maintained urban canopy can reduce local temperatures by up to 10 degrees, significantly enhancing the comfort and health of our communities. We now have over 5400 trees in our parks’ inventory!
  4. Establishment of the City’s Park Ranger Program
    The Santa Fe Park Ranger Program exemplifies our Parks and Open Space Division’s commitment to enhancing the city’s public spaces.
  5. Community Stewardship Program
    The Community Stewardship Program, spearheaded by the Parks and Open Space Division, rejuvenates public spaces. It averages 25-30 volunteers per project and a soaring 85-90 for community gardens.
  1. Section Awarded River and Watershed a Clean Water State Revolving Loan of $4,180,000
    Enabled the construction of the Santa Fe River Repair Project ($1.48M); benefits of this work include Channel stabilization, flood attenuation, stormwater quality improvements and infiltration, beautification, increased access to open space, and quality of life benefits, and habitat improvement (35 trees, >250 willows, and 75 native shrubs were planted).
  2. Waterway Clean-Ups
    The River & Watershed Section monitors over 77 miles of arroyos: In total over 548 cubic yards of silt and sediment and 154.38 tons of trash and debris were prevented from moving downstream.
  3. Public Education and Outreach
    Engaging the public in learning and connecting to the watershed. Lecture series open to the public covering a range of topics pertaining to the Santa Fe River and Watershed--8 Talks, 200 total attendees ($10,000).
  1. New Administrative Transit Director Hired
    Filling the vacant Administrative Transit Director will help the City get caught up with submitting grants, assist the City in becoming compliant with FTA requirements, and begin grant drawdowns for expenditures. This will increase the safety and efficiency of bus routes and improve driver shortages and work conditions. A safer and more efficient bus system improves the quality of life for its riders and community members.
  2. Purchase of 5 All-Electric Vans for Paratransit Services with NMDOT Grant
    Addresses the quality of life for the community and visitors by improving air quality with the use of low-emission vehicles and reduce traffic congestion in the city.
  3. Santa Fe Public Schools Field Trips
    Transit has partnered with Santa Fe Public Schools in an effort to develop safety awareness for our community and educate students and staff about the procedures and policies when utilizing Santa Fe Trails Transit services. Santa Fe trails is proud of accomplishing transportation for 1689 students, teachers, and chaperons over 37 trip requests in the year 2023.
  4. Special Events
    In 2023, Santa Fe Trails provided 4,669 Fixed Route and Paratransit trips during the International Folk Art Market and 4,860 Fixed Route and Paratransit trips during Zozobra.