The City of Santa Fe works proactively with the public, nonprofit, and private sectors to increase affordable housing opportunities for Santa Fe’s low- and moderate-income residents, addressing the needs of all residents from the homeless to the homeowner.


WATCH: Office of Affordable Housing Director Alexandra Ladd presents on inclusionary zoning during Santa Fe Housing Action Coalition Virtual Town Hall.


Download Santa Fe Homes Program/Inclusionary Zoning FAQ. 


(Click here) - Residential Development Pipeline Report - as of July 2019

 Click here for the latest City Housing Inventory List - as of October 2019



The City does not provide services or manage housing directly. For a partial listing of available housing services, programs, and facilities in Santa Fe, click for the brochure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need information about emergency services?
Go to Shelter Services Section to learn about available services and housing options for people who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or transitioning out of homelessness.

Are you a renter who needs help with your rent or with finding an affordable rental home?
Go to Rental Section to learn about available services for people who are renters and may need some help paying their rent or accessing support services. Also, see a MAP (link to map) of some of Santa Fe’s more affordable rental properties.

Are you a senior or a renter with special needs or a disability who needs help with your rent or with finding an affordable rental home?
Go to Rental Section to learn about available services for seniors and people with special needs.

 Are you thinking about buying a home?
Go to Homebuyer Section to learn about homebuyer counseling, training, and basic financial fitness services to get you “buyer ready” as soon as possible. Also, see a LISTING OF HOMES FOR SALE that you may be income-qualified to buy.

Are you a current homeowner who is interested in refinancing, worried about foreclosure, or wanting to repair your home and/or improve your energy efficiency?
Go to Homeowner Section to learn about available resources to help you lower your mortgage payment and/or improve your long-term affordability.

Are you a lending institution requiring the subordination of a City of Santa Fe lien?
Go to Lender Section to request the subordination.

Are you a developer who has questions about the SANTA FE HOMES PROGRAM, the City’s inclusionary zoning program, and how it applies to your proposed project? Are you a developer who is taking over an approved development with an existing HOP agreement?
Go to SFHP Section to learn about the SFHP requirements and how to submit an affordable housing proposal. 

Are you a nonprofit services provider who is interested in learning about the City’s CDBG program and other funding opportunities?
Go to Funding Section to learn about local and federal funds that are allocated through the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and HUD Rental Assistance (Shelter Plus Care) program.

Are you interested in the affordable housing policy in Santa Fe and the applicable research and housing studies that support it?
Go to Policy/Research Section for a listing of relevant affordable housing policies, studies, and regulations in Santa Fe and links to other affordable housing resources.

Do you feel you have experienced discrimination because of your race, color, national origin, family status, disability, gender, or sexual orientation while you were attempting to rent, buy, refinance, or insure a home?
Go to Fair Housing Section to learn about your rights under local and federal fair housing laws and to get a referral to fair housing resources, complaint forms, and legal assistance.

Do you have questions or issues about how to get along with your landlord or tenant?
Go to Landlord/Tenant Section to learn about the Uniform Owner Resident Relations Act (UORRA) and to get referral information to resources and legal assistance for both tenants and landlords.

**Read the Spanish version of the Fair Housing Rights Novella "Tino el Inquilino" here**

View the English version of "Tino the Tenant" flipbook" in your browser

View the Spanish version of "Tino el Inquilino" flipbook in your browser