To reserve all parks except the Railyard, follow the steps below. To reserve the Railyard, please contact 505-982-3373.


Requirement and Steps

A permit is required to reserve a City park for family gatherings, parties, classes, group activities, or other special events with 50 or more attendees. Groups of less than 50 are not required to obtain a permit; however, permit holders will have priority.


1. complete and submit the online application thirty to sixty days before your event. 

(Please Note Frenchy's Barn is currently NOT being rented.) 

Reserve a Park or Field Application Form

2. After submitting the application, contact the Special Events Coordinator Barbara V. Lopez by email at

  1. To determine whether or not the park you requested is available.
  2. To schedule a pre-event meeting. Your reservation will NOT be confirmed without this meeting. If your event requires a street closure, tent set-up, or security (if known), a representative from each of these companies must attend this meeting. At the meeting, the following items will be determined:
    1. logistics (parking, electricity, number of attendees, etc.)
    2. the cost of your permit (see Cost of Permit below)
    3. whether a street closure is necessary (see Requirements for Street Permits below)
    4. whether or not your event will require a Liability Insurance Certificate (see Liability Insurance Certificate below)
Cost of Permit

The cost of the permit is based on the number of attendees, weekday or weekend, before or after 5:00 p.m., and the logistics required to be provided by the City for the event.

Liability Insurance Certificate

Groups of 100 attendees or more will require a $1,000,000 Insurance Liability Certificate, and the City of Santa Fe must be listed as additional insured. Contact local insurance agencies to make arrangements to secure this certificate.

Street Permits

Street permits are required for block parties, parades, processions, marches, walking, running, and bicycle events.   A street permit is also required if your event will include a street closure.

Requirements for Street Permits
  1. Obtain signatures from residents and businesses that will be affected by the street closure for your event. Download and Print the Signature Form for Street Closures here.
  2. Obtain a (free) map from the City's GIS office showing all details related to your event and street closure.
  3. Contact a certified traffic control company*:
    • A traffic control plan is necessary to finalize the permit and is due at least two weeks prior to your event.
    • To make arrangements for barricade set up before and pick up after the event.

*The certified company in Santa Fe is Southwest Safety Services at 505-424-3337. There are various certified companies in Albuquerque.