2022 Redistricting

In 2022 the Independent Citizens' Redistricting Commission (ICRC) revised the City of Santa Fe district maps in advance of the 2023 Municipal Election. The City retained Research and Polling, Inc. to analyze the census information and other demographic data, and five new district map options were generated based on the results. The Redistricting Commission hosted public input sessions to solicit feedback on the proposals.

Click Here to view the City of Santa Fe ICRC's July 13, 2022, Presentation to the City Council Meeting.

Click Here to view the 2020 Census Redistricting Map. 


Independent Citizens' Redistricting Commission members

District 1 – Christopher Graeser

District 2 – Gary Donato

District 3 – Jeff Weber (Alternate Appointed)

Nicholas McKenzie (resigned)

District 4  - Lilliemae Ortiz, Chair

Statistician – Gail Rekers

At-Large – Berl Brechner, Vice-Chair

Geographer or cartographer – Carmela Quintana


Section 6-18 SFCC 1987 addresses the Independent Citizens' Redistricting Commission.  

Click Here to view the minutes of the final Independent Citizens' Redistricting meeting.