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2024 Ordinances

  • 2024-3o

    An Ordinance rezoning an approximately 0.13 acre tract of land located at 1309 South St. Francis Drive, from R-21 (Residential Twenty-One (21) Dwelling Units Per Acre) To C-1 (Office And Related Commercial); and providing an effective date (Case No. 2023-7639).

  • 2024-2o

    An ordinance amending Section 12-2.1 of SFCC 1987 to replace the City’s adoption of the 2015 Edition of the International Fire Code with the adoption of the 2021 Edition and specify that City code supersedes the adopted International Fire Code when the City’s code is more stringent; repealing and replacing Exhibit A of Chapter 12.

  • 2024-1o

    An Ordinance rezoning an approximately 4.36-acre tract of land located at 1941 Caja Del Oro Grant Road, from R-1 (Single Family One (1) Dwelling Per Acre) To C-2 (General Commercial); And Providing An Effective Date (Case No. 2023-7208).