Upcoming Regular Local Election

The regular local election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, for the purpose of electing a Municipal Judge and one City Councilor from each Council District. 


2023 Candidate Information 

Public Campaign Financing and 2023 Regular Local Election Information

ORDINANCE 2023-13 (Approved April 27, 2023)  - An Ordinance Amending the Election and Political Campaign Codes 

2023 Nominating Form (English)     2023 Nominating Form (Spanish)

Seed Money Form

Record of Qualifying $5 Contribution Form

All candidates must be residents of the city of Santa Fe. In determining the residency of candidates, the rules set forth in Section 1-1-7 NMSA 1978 shall apply.

  • City Councilor Candidates: only persons residing in the municipal election district they seek to represent and who otherwise meet all applicable requirements imposed by law or ordinance shall be allowed to be candidates for the position of city councilor.
  • Municipal Judge Candidates: Only persons residing in the city of Santa Fe and who otherwise meet all applicable requirements imposed by law or ordinance shall be allowed to be candidates for the position of municipal judge.


Candidates Seeking to Utilize Public Campaign Financing

Any candidate for Municipal Judge or City Councilor may qualify as a participating candidate eligible to receive payments from the Public Campaign Finance Fund. 

Per City Code, the qualifying period means the period during which a candidate seeking to become a publicly financed candidate is permitted to collect $5 qualifying contributions and to apply for certification as a participating candidate. Qualification begins 183 days (May 8, 2023) before the election and ends 106 days (July 24, 2023) before the election. The qualifying period only applies to publicly financed candidates. Contributions and signatures can be collected in person or using our online tool. 


Participating candidates shall collect the requisite number of five dollars qualifying contributions as follows: 
  • Municipal Judge Candidates: Six hundred five dollar qualifying contributions from separate city of Santa Fe registered voters.
  • City Councilor Candidates: One hundred fifty-five dollar qualifying contributions from separate registered voters in the council district in which the candidate is running.

If you are interested in running for elected office, you can also contact the City Clerk at kmmihelcic@santafenm.gov for additional information. 

Ordinance 2023-13 (Approved April 27, 2023) An Ordinance Amending the Election And Political Campaign Codes

The City "opted-in" to the Local Election Act in 2018 (Ord. 2018-24) and is no longer responsible for running the election. Santa Fe County conducts the election.

Visit the Santa Fe County Clerk's Website for more information. 

New Online Portal! 

The City Clerk's Office has launched an online portal for collecting $5 Qualifying Contributions and Nominating Petition Signatures!  Once Nominating Petition Signature forms are available from the Secretary of State, that portion of the portal will be functional.