In Case of an Emergency

The Office of Constituent Services established a Customer Service Call Center (CSCC), which can be activated by the City Manager in times of emergency or other situations that result in a high call volume of inquiries, complaints, or requests that are received by the Streets Division Customer Service number 505-955-2411. This call center ensures that all calls are answered and returned promptly.


Snow is Removed Based on Priority

Priority 1 Streets: Main arterials provide access for police, fire, buses, and other emergency vehicles.

Priority 2 Streets: Consist of commercial routes.

Priority 3 Streets: Include some residential streets.

Snow Removal Services Areas Map (pdf)


Snowplows Work Throughout the City

Plowing is critical when a snowstorm begins and continues until snowfall subsides. Snow trucks on the road with plows up may be returning for fuel, en route to another area or the road may be too icy and could require a different type of equipment, such as a grader, for effective ice removal. 

City snow removal crews use a salt and cinder mix to melt the snow and ice. This is applied in all situations on all streets that are being maintained, as means of melting snow and providing traction; the ratio is four parts cinder to one part salt to reduce the corrosiveness of salt on equipment, vehicles, and streets. The deicer is rock salt, a naturally occurring product that is mined in Carlsbad.


Snow & Ice Removal For An Accessible Santa Fe

Let’s make our city safe and disability-friendly! 
Click Here to download a Snow and Ice Removal flier. 


How You Can Help City Snow Removal Crews

Your Responsibility

For Businesses: Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires any covered business to remove snow and ice to maintain accessible features including accessible parking spaces and an accessible route from the parking space to the main entrance, as well as clear access aisles, curb cuts, and sidewalks. A business must also maintain an accessible route from a bus stop to its entrance.

For Neighbors: Santa Fe Municipal Code 23-1.8 requires owners, agents, or occupants of any property to keep the sidewalks and gutters in front of and adjoining their property clean of snow and ice. After any fall of snow, snow, and ice must be immediately removed from the sidewalks and gutters fronting and adjoining their respective lots or parts of lots.

  • Snow plows may have to make several passes in front of your home or business during continuous periods of snowfall. As a result, snow may be pushed onto sidewalks that already have been cleared. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these circumstances.
  • Remove Vehicles from Streets. Residents and businesses along Priority 1, 2, and 3 streets are asked to remove parked vehicles from the roadside shoulders. This permits snow plows to clear the area the first time through before roads get too icy to plow.


What to do When Your Pipes Freeze

  • Prevention is the best cure for frozen pipes. Let a trickle of water drip from the cold side of the furthest faucet from your water heater when outside day temperatures are near or below freezing.
  • If your pipes do freeze, thaw them as soon as possible! Customers are responsible for frozen pipes from their water meter to their homes and throughout their homes.
  • NEVER use a torch or open flame of any kind to thaw pipes! Use a blow dryer to warm the pipes or call a plumber.
  • Repair burst pipes immediately to prevent additional freezing! If your water meter is frozen call 505-955-4333 during regular business hours on weekdays. After 5 p.m. on weekdays and any time on weekends call 505-955-4300.