2021 CoSF Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report Now Available | City of Santa Fe

2021 CoSF Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report Now Available

20 Mar, 2023

The City of Santa Fe’s 2021 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report is now available on the City’s Sustainability Dashboard. The report shows that total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions dropped 15% since 2015. This is remarkable progress, especially because the decrease happened as Santa Fe also added 5,000 new residents during the same time period! 

Transportation marks the largest reduction, with 33% less emissions to date! As transportation makes up the largest chunk of Santa Fe’s total GHG emissions, this reduction makes a major dent in our overall environmental impact. 

The City has made significant strides to reduce GHG emissions from City operations and is dedicated to future action to cut emissions to as close to zero as possible and achieve carbon neutrality. The City is working to reduce emissions in a variety of ways, such as using more renewable energy to power our buildings, reducing the amount of waste that we produce, and transitioning from gas-powered vehicles to electric ones – we just added 17 new EVs to our fleet! You can find more information on City sustainability projects and progress, as well as actions you can take to help, on the Sustainability Dashboard.  

Download the full 2021 GHG report here.