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Development Review Process

The Planning Division reviews small to large-scale residential and commercial development applications for compliance with the City’s Land Development Code and for conformity to adopted city plans, laws, regulations, and ordinances. Certain development projects require review by the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, or Governing Body at a public hearing. 

For those projects, the Development Review timeline varies based on the complexity and quality of the application, the total number of plans under review by the department, and public hearing requirements. For applications requiring a public hearing, there are three phases of review: Pre-Application, Development Review, and Public Hearing.


The Pre-Application Phase

This phase begins with a Pre-Application Conference (Pre-App) (SFCC 14-3.1(E)), where the applicant presents their proposal to the City’s Development Review Team (DRT) for initial review and feedback. The DRT is a multi-disciplinary team of City employees who are responsible for reviewing all development and permit applications. The Pre-App is an opportunity to review the proposal for conformity with the general plan, utility accessibility, road and street system capacity, terrain management, and suitability for the proposed project in relation to city codes, regulations, and ordinances. If the applicant wishes to proceed, a case planner is assigned to assist the applicant through the remaining Development Review Process.   

The DRT schedules Pre-Apps on alternating Thursday mornings. Pre-Apps are required at least 15 days before certain applications are submitted. If you would like to request a Pre-App, please complete the request form and email it to   


Early Neighborhood Notification

For many applications, the next step is to schedule, notice, and host an Early Neighborhood Notification Meeting (ENN) in coordination with their case planner. The intent of the ENN is to provide for an exchange of information among the applicant, residents, and property owners prior to application submittal. ENN notification requirements are set forth in SFCC 14-3.1(H). 

ENNs are conducted online and scheduled Monday – Thursday evenings at 5:30 PM. ENNs must be held at least ten days before an application is submitted.


Development Review Phase

Intake and Invoicing

Development Review begins once the application and all required submittals are prepared and submitted by the applicant or their agent to the City at Upon receipt, the applicant will receive a confirmation email and invoice for all corresponding fees. 

All applications received by the monthly application deadline are eligible for review during that cycle. Applications are due to on the following Mondays by 10 AM:

September 11 October 9 November 13 December 11 January 8 February 12
March 18 April 8 May 13 June 10 July 15 August 12


Initial DRT Review

The initial DRT Review timeline is approximately four weeks, after which the applicant will receive a review memo from their case planner outlining requests for additional information, conditions of approval, and technical corrections identified in the initial review period. To stay on track, the applicant/agent must submit revised materials within two weeks from receipt of the initial review memo. All correspondence between the applicant/agent and members of the DRT must be coordinated through the case planner.


Secondary DRT Review

The DRT will conduct a secondary review of the revised application in approximately three weeks, after which the applicant will receive a final review memo either requesting additional revisions or confirming the application is complete. It may move forward to a public hearing. 

The timeline for the Development Review Phase can range from 9-12+ weeks depending on the complexity and quality of the application and the total number of plans under review by the department.


Public Hearing Phase

The Planning Commission meets on the first Thursday of the month to review and approve proposals for new development projects in the City of Santa Fe. The Commission also makes recommendations to the Governing Body on requests for rezonings, master plans, annexations, and amendments to the City's Land Development Code. Applications requiring approval by the Governing Body must coordinate with their case planner and planning manager to schedule a public hearing in front of the Governing Body. 

The seven-member Board of Adjustment meets as needed on the first Tuesday of the month to review and decide appeals of final actions of the Land Use Director, requests for special use permits, and variances associated with single-family residential construction. 

Public Hearing agendas are finalized approximately three weeks prior to the hearing date. 



Applicants must coordinate with their case planner and planning administrator to ensure all notification requirements of Chapter 14 are met for public hearings as set forth in SFCC 14-3.1(H).



Email inquiries

General Zoning Inquiries & Permitted Uses

Zoning Verification Letters
Zoning verification letters cost $75 per letter/address. Payment must be received prior to issuance of the letter. Please provide a written request that includes the property address, property use, company name, contact person, information, and the reason for the request.

Cannabis-Related Zoning Verification Letters
For cannabis businesses, please include the Cannabis Zoning Verification Application

Lot Line Adjustments, Lot Consolidations, Lot Splits, and Signs
For questions, email
Application submittals: All development applications and submittals are due as PDF documents to

Preliminary Zoning Review (PZR) Requests

  • Please submit a summary of your proposed work, all drawings, and a copy of your legal lot of record. Please allow 5 to 10 business days for the review.
  • To Set up an Early Neighborhood Notification Meeting or a Pre-Application Meeting, please contact the land use department at
  • For inquiries regarding Telecommunications Facilities or Subdivisions, please contact Daniel Esquibel, Senior Planner, at
  • For all other inquiries, please contact Stephanie Perea at