City Begins Implementation of Salary Increases | City of Santa Fe

City Begins Implementation of Salary Increases

5 Apr, 2024

In keeping with its longstanding commitment to recruit and retain outstanding employees, the City of Santa Fe’s latest round of pay increases goes into effect this week. A total of 704 City employees will receive an overall average pay increase of 8 percent with this week’s paycheck.

Under the classification and compensation plan approved by the Governing Body on March 13, 2024, members of the Police and Fire unions, and other non-union employees will benefit from the salary increases; negotiations between the City and AFSCME are ongoing regarding their members.

Under the adopted Classification and Compensation Study, all non-union employees with current salaries below the new minimum pay are receiving a pay increase that brings them up to the new minimum pay level. 286 City employees are receiving an average of a 12 percent increase to bring them up to the new minimum pay level.

Additionally, 375 City employees will receive an average of a 3 percent increase, reflecting the number of years they have served in their current position and their overall number of years of service to the City.

Police and Fire union employees are also receiving their new salaries with this week’s paychecks, which will help the City in a very competitive environment, continue to recruit and retain the best first responders in the State.

These pay increases represent the first of several steps the City will take to implement the Classification and Compensation study. It is common to see organizations implement pay adjustments over several years due to the budgetary impacts of salary increases.

Another round of increases can be expected in the upcoming budget process for Fiscal Year 2025 which will be taken up by the Finance Committee in the coming months.

“We will continue to do our best to recognize our outstanding City employees and pay them for their hard work,” said Mayor Alan Webber. “We want to be the best employer and the employer of choice for everyone who wants to bring their skills and commitment to public service.”