City Completes Comprehensive Review of Indoor Arena Soccer | City of Santa Fe

City Completes Comprehensive Review of Indoor Arena Soccer

9 Mar, 2023

SANTA FE, March 9, 2023 – Following a thorough review of the proposal from the professional arena soccer team, the City of Santa Fe has concluded it does not have the funding to accommodate an arena soccer team at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center at this time.

To accommodate the soccer proposal, the City would need to fund new positions at the GCCC and make additional investments in materials and equipment, such as turf, lights, and storage. None of this is possible in the budget for next fiscal year.

In the current financial situation, every City department is being instructed to submit a flat budget for next fiscal year. The City simply does not have the money to devote to this proposal. The City has other competing recreation priorities and previous commitments for already scarce funds.

Some members of the City Council also have unanswered questions beyond the issue of finances and the budget. 

"Unfortunately, we got ahead of ourselves because we want to create more soccer opportunities in Santa Fe," said Mayor Alan Webber. "We’ve been trying hard to see if it could work, but after conducting a comprehensive review of existing GCCC programming, listening to the ice community, and assessing our many competing recreation needs, we’ve come to the conclusion that the soccer team won’t work at the ice rink at this time."

Mayor Webber continued, "Just as the ice rink is an important asset for our community, I believe that an arena soccer team would add to our community’s recreational and entertainment programs. I also know that we continue to look for venues where our kids and families can go to practice and play soccer. We need to continue to work on the opportunity and, in the meantime, look for another venue where Mr. Fresquez’s team can get going, build its support base, and establish itself as a new entry into the Santa Fe sports community."