City of Santa Fe and Partners Re-Ignite Solarize Santa Fe Program | City of Santa Fe

City of Santa Fe and Partners Re-Ignite Solarize Santa Fe Program

3 Mar, 2023

SANTA FE, March 3, 2023 – The City of Santa Fe has partnered with Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity, Santa Fe YouthWorks, and the Coalition of Sustainable Communities New Mexico to relaunch the Solarize Santa Fe program and bring more affordable solar options to low-and-moderate income households in Santa Fe.  

Although solar prices are declining, the benefits of rooftop solar remain inequitably distributed to households of minorities and those of lower levels of income and education. Santa Fe joined other cities and counties around the country last year when it launched its first “Solarize” program to increase equitable access to rooftop solar. The City's inaugural program was a success, with 39 total contracts signed and 10 of them for income qualifying households.  

With financing assistance, favorable system prices, and some subsidies, installing rooftop solar makes financial sense for low-and-middle income households, allowing savings of thousands of dollars in electricity bills over the 25-30 year life of a rooftop solar system. The relaunch of Solarize Santa Fe is designed to continue the momentum of the successful pilot and expand further by incorporating energy efficiency support and green job training. The New Mexico Gas Company has a series of weatherization measures for participating, income-qualified households in the Solarize program to help reduce heating bills. The selected solar installers, Positive Energy and Sol Luna Solar, and energy efficiency contractors, Energy Works, are also taking on apprentices from Santa Fe Youthworks’ YouthBuild program to learn trade skills. 

"This program is built with a triple bottom line approach," said Mayor Alan Webber. "It protects the environment with clean energy. It supports the economy by stimulating the green jobs, and it leads with equity by making sure everyone can afford solar energy. Congratulations to the program partners who worked to bring this program back to the benefit of everyone in Santa Fe."

Santa Fe residents who are interested can learn more and sign up for the program at Santa Feans can also find out more about the City’s progress on other sustainability goals by visiting the Santa Fe Sustainability Dashboard