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City’s First Tourism Dashboard Showcases Industry, Visitor Data

6 Feb, 2024

SANTA FE, February 6, 2024 – With data playing a major role in modern decision-making processes, the Santa Fe Data Platform is proud to announce the delivery of a powerful new Tourism Dashboard for the city of Santa Fe. Developed by TOURISM Santa Fe in partnership with the Santa Fe Data Platform, this dynamic resource provides free access to pre and post-COVID data, including lodging, car and air travel, annual events, and more. The dashboard tells a remarkable story about the important role tourism plays in Santa Fe’s economic vitality and is designed to help local and state industry professionals make better business decisions using both overall statistics, and ground-level detail on tourism in the city. 

TOURISM Santa Fe’s Executive Director Randy Randall said, “We are proud to have this brand-new dashboard that proves tourism in Santa Fe is back on track, and we are ready for even more tourists in 2024. We know the power of data, and having this resource for our team, hospitality partners, and community means everyone can make better decisions based on facts. We have found data’s return on our investment is four-fold, and we look forward to expanding the dashboard as new data sets become available.” 

Since 2018, the Santa Fe Data Platform has been growing under the leadership of Project Lead Cyndi Conn. She described 2023 as a transformative year of exponential growth and said, “In the last year, our public-private partnership has grown to include 17 community partners and three data providers who deliver more than 4 billion data sets along with location data, which is real-time within 72 hours. We are also exploring going statewide in order to address some of our state’s most pressing issues.” 

The City of Santa Fe has been a partner on the Santa Fe Data Platform since its inception and relies heavily on data to drive economic initiatives and identify gaps in the marketplace, as well as new possibilities for industry growth.  

Mayor Alan Webber said, "The Santa Fe Data Platform is an invaluable tool for the City. Adding data about tourism makes it even more useful in planning our marketing and outreach and in measuring the economic benefits to the city from our many offerings. The more we know, the better we can do for everyone, both residents and tourists." 

Community Development Department Director Rich Brown said, “Our partnership with the Santa Fe Data Platform continues to provide us with the data we need to attract new businesses to town, amplify our message with supporting data, heighten the impact of tourism on our economy and generate new jobs for our community.” 

Click here to view the Tourism Dashboard on the Santa Fe Data Platform website. Other dashboards are also available here

About the Santa Fe Data Platform

The Santa Fe Data Platform is a true public-private partnership with local government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations who are committed to working together to make critical data about our city available to decision-makers, business leaders, and the public, with the goal of improving our community for everyone who lives, works and plays here.