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New City, SFPS Volunteer Program

29 Sep, 2021

City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe Public Schools, Teachers Partner to Place Volunteers in Schools. City to Grant 4 Hours Paid Leave. Monthly to Employees For Volunteerism

The City and Santa Fe Public Schools (SFPS) today announced a program to grant four hours of paid leave per month to employees for the purpose of volunteering in the schools. The program is designed to help compensate for shortages of full-time teachers, substitutes, staff, and volunteers in the schools and the School District.

“City Government cares about school-age residents just as the School District does,” says Mayor Alan Webber. “This policy encourages and enables City employees to take part in the education of our children. This is a great partnership that could lead to more opportunities to collaborate to help kids thrive in and out of schools.”

Grace Mayer, National Education Association (NEA-SF), President and Teacher, originally conceived of this program prior to the pandemic, which has exacerbated the need for volunteers. “This collaborative effort between City employees and SFPS staff will ease some of the demands we are experiencing because of vacancies that have gone unfilled in our public schools,” says Mayer. “More importantly, the connections and relationships that adults will make with students will enrich their educational experience and foster a sense of community and belonging.”

"We really need the community to wrap around our schools right now,” says Kate Noble, President, SFPS Board of Education. “It's been a tough time and our educators, families, and students need support. This is a great step, and we truly appreciate the partnership with the City and NEA Santa Fe. Let's keep going and find more creative solutions together!" 

SFPS Superintendent Hilario "Larry" Chavez says volunteers can support academic achievement and provide emotional support to students, as well. They also provide meaningful support to staff at all levels in a variety of ways. “We encourage every individual to at least try it,” he says.

The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce also encourages its membership of over 700 businesspeople to volunteer and donate money for teacher appreciation through its website,

City employees are encouraged to volunteer for the following duties:

  • Drop-off, Lunch and Pick-up Duty
  • Library Support
  • Tutoring in Grade Levels 3-5
  • Homework Hotline
  • Virtual Tutoring
  • Working with English Learners
  • Tutoring in Core Subject Areas

After School Programming