Santa Fe Citizen Celebrates 100 Years | City of Santa Fe

Santa Fe Citizen Celebrates 100 Years

8 Apr, 2024

SANTA FE, April 8, 2024, The Governing Body of The City of Santa Fe will honor the 100th birthday of Placido Borrego at 4:30 pm Wednesday, April 10 in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

A proclamation will be read by Mayor Alan Webber.

Borrego served in the United States Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard from 1943 until retiring from the National Guard in 1984.

During World War II, Borrego’s unit fought with the Third Army and played a part in the liberation of the Buchenwald prison camp. Borrego was wounded in fighting to establish a bridgehead over the Rhine River.

Borrego returned to active duty during the Korean War, training troops in Fort Lewis, Washington.

He joined the National Guard in 1957 only to have this unit be activated for service in the Vietnam War. Borrego again trained troops for transfer to Vietnam.

Borrego will celebrate his birthday on Oct. 5.