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City Collecting Abandoned Shopping Carts

5 Oct, 2021


More Than 600 Collected in September! Data From Pilot Project Will Inform Long-term Solution

In recent months, complaints about abandoned shopping carts have been the number one complaint reported on the City "Report and Request" webpage. The Office of Community Engagement heard your concerns and took action to address the widespread issue affecting our community, and communities across the country.

A contractor has been hired to collect shopping carts -- both those reported and those found patrolling -- and take them back to the retailers. Since the start of the program on September 1, more than 600 shopping carts were returned.

This pilot program is just the first step to immediately address the issue and gather data, then make a plan to solve the shopping cart problem. The contractor is tracking where the carts are found, what stores they are coming from, and the number of carts that are being collected on a weekly basis. This use of technology and data will help the Community Engagement Department to create a solution going forward.

Please note: As part of the project, shopping carts that are being used as shelter or contain the personal belongings of unsheltered individuals are not being collected.

Constituents may report abandoned carts on our user-friendly reporting system