Complete Streets Resolution Supports Transportation Improvements for All | City of Santa Fe

Complete Streets Resolution Supports Transportation Improvements for All

25 Oct, 2022

The City of Santa Fe has joined the Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Transportation Policy Board and Santa Fe County in adopting a Complete Streets Resolution to provide safer and more equitable transportation improvements, and reduce the impacts of climate change in Santa Fe. Each resolution supports Complete Streets design standards, which integrate people and place in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of transportation networks.

Complete Streets give equal value to all trips and types of transportation. They consider the needs of pedestrians, users of public transit, bicyclists, persons with disabilities, seniors, children, and motorists by providing sidewalks, public spaces, bike lanes, bus stops, landscaping, and safe crossings. In doing so, Complete Streets also: 

  • Support safe travel for all users 
  • Support the health and wellbeing of residents 
  • Slow traffic and reduce fatalities on roadways 
  • Provide safe routes to parks and schools for parents and children 
  • Offer more and varied transportation options 
  • Save money in the long-term 
  • Support climate and sustainability goals 

The resolution is intended to support, honor, and strengthen the work the City has already been doing to improve the transportation network, such as the upcoming Guadalupe Road reconstruction, the Midtown Site proposed transportation network, and the completed Siler Road lane reduction. The commitment to Complete Streets design standards will also assist with leveraging state and federal funding from sources that support communities that actively embrace Complete Streets. 

More information: 

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