Installation of Cellular Modems for Traffic Signalized Intersections | City of Santa Fe
Bid Number: SS 82423
Status: Open
Open Date: 09/05/2023 Close Date: 10/05/2023 10:30am

Project Manager
Jose Lerma - Traffic Operations Manager - Public Works


Proposal Submission Information

Based on the above facts, the City of Santa Fe Purchasing Officer has made the determination that the justification for a Sole Source procurement is in accordance with the State Procurement Code, Section 13-1-126 Sole source procurement., NMSA 1978 and shall be posted for a 30-day period prior to award. Questions:


Request for Approval of Sole Source Request and Determination for Paradigm and Applied information to Supply and Test Cellular Modems for 17 Traffic Signals intersections on Cerrillos Road for a cost of$50,490.00. 

The City of Santa Fe Traffic Operations Department needs remote access to 120 traffic signals within the City of Santa Fe for efficiency of traffic management and operations. This purchase of 17 cellular modems for traffic signals on Cerrillos Road represents the next phase of this effort. In February, 2023, The Public Works Department had also met with Edward Duran of the ITT Department separately to make sure that there were no issues with Public Works spending their own funds going through a private VPN on a cloud-based server before moving forward with this purchase. 

TRAFFIC_SYSTEMS_SOLE_SOURCE_-_Applied_Information_-_Paradigm.pdf 3.8MB