This Process Has Changed

The City of Santa Fe is now live with a new addition to our Vendor Self-Serve procurement portal. We are now processing our Emergencies, Invitations to Bid, Request for Application, Request for Proposals, Requests for Quotes, and Sole Sources electronically.

To view City Procurements such as Invitation to Bids, Request for Applications, Request for Proposals, Requests for Quotes, and Sole Sources, click here, then click on “Search.” Click on the “Number” of the solicitation you are interested in. To submit a response to the solicitation, you will click on “Create Bid.” If you are not registered, you will have to register in “Vendor Self Service” before you can “Create Bid.” Click Here to download information about Vendor Self-Service Registration. 

Please help us make this transition a success and prevent your company from missing potential business opportunities by updating your vendor account.

For instructions on how to update your vendor profile in English, click here, and in Spanish, click here.

All responses to solicitations (Invitation to Bid [ITB], Request for Proposals [RFP], and Request for Applications [RFA]) issued by the City of Santa Fe will be accepted electronically on the City of Santa Fe’s Munis Vendor Self-ServeSolicitation response submission locations, due dates, and times will be as stated in each solicitation and will be enforced for all electronic submittals.  

Emergencies will be posted three days after awards are made per NMSA 1978, Section 13-1-128. Emergency postings will remain on this website for thirty days. 

Sole Source notifications will be posted for thirty days before award per NMSA 1978, Section 13-1-126.1. Any qualified potential contractor not selected for a proposed sole source contract may protest the selection in writing within fifteen calendar days after the notice was posted by submitting the protest to the Central Purchasing Division via


There are currently no active solicitations.