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About Sister Cities

Sister Cities International (SCI) was created at President Eisenhower’s 1956 White House conference on citizen diplomacy. Eisenhower envisioned an organization that could be the hub of peace and prosperity by creating bonds between people from different cities around the world. By forming these relationships, President Eisenhower reasoned that people of different cultures could celebrate and appreciate their differences and build partnerships that would lessen the chance of new conflicts.

The City of Santa Fe is a member of the SCI and its program reflects SCI’s mission “To promote peace through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation.” The Santa Fe Sister Cities program is implemented by a committee appointed by the Governing Body. The focus of the committee’s current work is on cultivating quality exchanges with our Sister Cities. Through Sister Cities, Santa Fe creates relationships based on cultural, educational, information and trade exchanges, creating lifelong friendships that provide prosperity and peace through person-to-person “citizen diplomacy.”  

Sister Cities

Zhangjiajie, China

Holguin, Cuba

Sorrento, Italy

Tsuyama, Japan

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Parral, Mexico

Icheon, South Korea

Santa Fe de la Vega, Spain

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Livingstone, Zambia

Sister Cities Committee

       Carol Robertson Lopez, Acting Chair

       Carlene Carey

       Dr. Jeff Case

       Rhonda Faught

       Rudy “Froggy” Fernandez

       Carl Moore

       Arthur Olivias

       Bernard Rubenstein

       Sky Stith


Committee Expense Request Form



Sister Cities Staff Liaison Contact

     Shirley Spencer

      p; 505.955.6208