Occupancy tax advisory board

Committee Members

 Rik Blyth, Chairman, Lodgers

Carlos Medina, At Large

Lutz Arnhold, Lodgers

Bonnie Bennett, Tourism Related

Ray Sandoval, Tourism Related 

Alex Fitzgerald, Santa Fe County


 OTAB is a tax advisory board that recommends grant awards from lodgers tax revenue to nonprofits that help market Santa Fe for tourism purposes. The OTAB Committee meets monthly, on the fourth Friday of each month.


Applications and awards managed by Occupancy Tax Advisory Board

The City of Santa Fe's Occupancy Tax Advisory Board (OTAB) has released the application for funding for special events in FY22/23. Application period open now until September 30, 2022.

Funding Applications are to be completed and submitted, including all attachments, by September 30, 2022, at 5pm. An oral presentation may be required at a meeting of the grant review panel in early October. Grants are awarded once annually.  OTAB Application FY22-23


Event Criteria

The proposed event ideally shall take place in the off-season or shoulder seasons of Santa Fe's tourism caendar; off-season being January - April and shoulder seasons being May - June and mid-October through mid-December. Evaluation also takes into consderation days of the week, other events on the calendar and size of event.

Events at other times of the year can be considered, however they will not be given as strong a rating as a comparable event in shoulder or off-season timeframe.

Funding and planning of the events shall be public/private partnerships that seek to attract tourists younger than 56 that are on message with TOURISM Santa Fe.

The events shall exhibit potential to build regional or national excitement, recongnition of but not limited to culture, art, history, food, natural beauty and outdoor activities. Ideally the event that is being proposed should be 4 months out to ensure significant planning time.

OTAB funds should not be used to supplement fundraising efforts or goals.

Applicant Criteria

Applying organizations must have an IRS-determined non-profit corporation status with tax identification number or umbrella under a fiscal agent on file.

Copy of current Business License

New Mexico State Gross Receipts-Withholding Certificate (CRS-1)

Copy of IRS determination letter acknowledging non-profit status

Proof of Insurance as indicated on item number 13 of application

Applicants will submit the funding application, and supporting documents including the pre-event budget breakdown along with (11) copies mailed or delivered to the attention of the OTAB Administrator at

OTAB c/o TOURISM Santa Fe, 201 West Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501


For questions regarding OTAB or OTAB funding please contact Shirley Spencer, Office Manager, at 505/955-6208 or sjspencer@santafenm.gov.