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Public Comments to the Charter Review Commission are now closed.

Every ten years, the City’s Charter calls for a Charter Review Commission to review the Charter and make recommendations regarding any needed changes to the City’s Governing Body. The Charter Commission was appointed in 2022 and is scheduled to make its recommendations by May 2023. The Commission welcomes public input.


Meetings and Agendas 

Click here to view the Charter Review Commission agendas on Prime.gov.

May 3 at 1 pm in the Council Chambers on to vote on proposals. Public comment is encouraged at this meeting.

May 8 at 1 pm virtually on to approve the Report of the Commission to the Governing Body.

The Charter Review Commission will vote on additional meeting dates and times during the upcoming meeting on April 27. 



Nancy Long, Mayor’s at-large appointee (Chair)

Paul Dirdak, District 1, Councilor Lindell nominee

Maria Perez, District 1, Councilor Villarreal nominee

Peter Ives, District 2, Councilor M. Garcia nominee                         

Elicia Montoya, District 2, Councilor Romero-Wirth nominee                    

John Paul Granillo, District 3, Councilor Rivera nominee

Alba Bondis, District 3, Councilor L. Garcia nominee

Bridget Dixon, District 4, Councilor Cassutt nominee

Lilliemae Ortiz, District 4, Councilor Chavez nominee.



Charter Review Establishment Memo

Charter Review Commission Resolution

Charter Review Commission Appointment memo

For Prior Charter Commission Reports, click here for 2005 and here for 2013

Current City Charter

City Code

Charter Resolution


Public Comments to the Charter Review Commission are now closed.

The Charter Review Commission adopted a report to the City’s Governing Body on May 8, 2023. That report is available here. Commission Chair, Nancy Long, is presenting the report to the Governing Body during its regular meeting on May 10, 2023. At a future meeting, the Governing Body will adopt recommendations that will be placed on the November ballot.