Purchase of City-Owned Property

Requests to purchase parcels or portions of City-owned property that are not listed on the City’s public asset sales website are reviewed by the asset development team to determine whether the property is planned for future uses by the City.  If the City verifies that the property can be sold, the request is forwarded to the Governing Body for conceptual approval of the sale.  If the sale is approved in concept, the applicant must provide a current survey of the property, along with an appraisal prepared by an MAI-certified appraiser. Upon receipt of these documents, the purchase request is forwarded to the Governing Body once more for final approval.  Purchases are often subject to reservations for existing utilities or easements. 

Lease or License of City-Owned Property

Requests to lease City-owned property are handled similarly to purchase requests, though a survey and appraisal may not be required in all circumstances. Generally, leases are required when City-owned property is requested to be used for business purposes. The lease may contain whatever limiting terms the Governing Body deems appropriate based on the unique conditions of the location and the intended use of the property by the prospective lessee. All leases require the lessee to provide insurance coverage. Most leases are assignable with the City's written permission.

City-owned property currently available for sale, lease, or license:

Las Estrellas at Santa Fe Estates:

  1. Undeveloped Parcels within the Las Estrellas Master Plan
  2. 2005 Amended Las Estrellas Master Plan
  3. Amended and Restated Bylaws of Las Estrellas Residential Association
  4. Amended and Restated Bylaws of Las Estrellas Master Association
  5. Utility Infrastructure Map
  6. Assignment of Delegation of Declarant Rights and Status
  7. Application of Eligibility