The Land Use Department's Property Management Section manages the purchasing, leasing, and licensing of City-owned property by private individuals, organizations, and other governmental entities.  The City's Property Manager administers requests for the sale, lease, or license of City-owned property and prepares reports and recommendations regarding these requests for action by the City Council.

Purchase  of City-Owned Property

Requests to purchase parcels or portions of City-owned property are first reviewed by all relevant City departments to determine whether the property is planned for future uses by the City.  If the City verifies that the property can be sold, the request is forwarded to the City Council for conceptual approval of the sale.  If the sale is approved in concept, the applicant must provide a current survey of the property along with an appraisal prepared by an MAI-certified appraiser.  Upon receipt of these items, the purchase request is forwarded to the City Council for final approval.  Purchases are often subject to reservations for existing utilities or easements

Lease of City-Owned Property

Requests to lease City-owned property are handled similarly to purchase requests.  A survey and appraisal may not be required in all circumstances.  Generally, leases are required when City-property is requested to be used for business purposes.  The lease may contain whatever limiting terms the City Council deems appropriate based on the unique conditions of the location and the intended use of the property by the prospective lessee.  All leases require the lessee to provide insurance coverage.  Most leases are assignable with the City's written permission.

Licensing of City-Owned Property

Requests to license City-owned property are handled administratively by the Property Manager through a License Agreement with a licensee.  Generally, licenses are used to formally secure the City's permission to allow built improvements on City property.  Typical examples are a wall constructed partially within the right-of-way of a street, a private sewer line encroaching onto City property, a balcony or roof overhanging a city sidewalk, or, in some instances, the use of City property for a special event.  Most licenses require the Licensee to provide insurance coverage.  Licenses carry a fee of $500 and are not assignable to others.

contact the city's property manager

Requests to purchase, lease, or license City-owned property must be made in writing or by e-mail to:

Edward Vigil

Property Manager

City of Santa Fe - Land Use Department - P. O. Box 909, Santa Fe, NM 87540-0909

505-955-6226     ejvigil@santafenm.gov