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Physical Location
Santa Fe City Hall, 200 Lincoln Ave., 1st Floor, Santa Fe, New Mexico  87501

Mailing Address
City of Santa Fe, Technical Review Division, P. O. Box 909, Santa Fe, NM  87504-0909

Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

The mission of the Land Use Engineering Division is to enforce compliance with the City's Land Development Code and Land Use Department policies regarding private-sector infrastructure construction, development in the City's Escarpment Overlay District, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood hazard areas, terrain & stormwater management including grading & drainage, landscape & utilities/Irrigation and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) site design, and Gunnison's Prairie Dog ordinances while providing the highest possible level of customer service. 

The Water Budget Administrative Office (WBAO) also currently resides with Technical Review and ensures that increased water demand from new construction is offset in accordance with the City's Development Water Budget ordinance.


Technical Review Assistance

The City of Santa Fe Land Development Code is available and searchable online.  Primary regulations related to terrain & stormwater management, flood hazard areas, landscape & site design, the relocation of Gunnison's Prairie Dogs, and Development Water Budgets are located in Section 14-8.  Escarpment Overlay District regulations are located in Section 14-5.6.  Infrastructure construction, including ADA requirements, is located in Section 14-9.

Please click here to view the City's Land Development Code

Multiple regulations often apply to a single property, particularly in areas of steep terrain, escarpments, or flood zones.  This can make code compliance complex.  Help with technical review questions is available through the email links below.


Infrastructure Completion Policy

The Land Use Department has adopted an Infrastructure Completion Policy that outlines the process and requirements for permitting, constructing, and completing a development's required infrastructure. The policy also sets out infrastructure construction milestones that must be reached prior to the issuance of construction permits for buildings and defines which infrastructure elements require financial guarantees. 

Please click here to view the City's Infrastructure Completion Policy.


Stormwater Management 

Please note that all construction sites and associated permit holders within the City of Santa Fe must adhere to the approved best management practices (BMPs) for construction site management of stormwater runoff. Construction General Permits (CGP) and construction sites that disturb one or more acres, including smaller sites that are part of a larger plan of development, must submit a US EPA Notice of Intent. Click here for more information.

Please see the following links for guidelines:

How to Apply for a US EPA Notice of Intent (NOI)

Click here for the Best Management Practices for Construction Site

Click here to view the US EPA Helpful Links for Construction Site Management


For assistance with Engineering, Terrain management, and Technical Review, please contact:

City Engineer
Engineering, Infrastructure Development, and FEMA

Engineer Associate
Grading & Drainage, Escarpment Overlay District

Land Use Compliance Officer
Landscaping & Utilities, Irrigation

Land Use Compliance Officer
ADA Site