Planning & Land Use Office Address

Santa Fe City Hall
200 Lincoln Ave., 1st Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed from M-F 12 pm-1 pm, Saturday, Sunday & most Federal holidays

Mailing Address

City of Santa Fe
Land Use Department
P. O. Box 909
Santa Fe, NM 87504-0909

The City of Santa Fe is initiating a review and update of the Land Development Code (LDC). The LDC establishes zoning districts, identifies allowed land uses, sets development and design standards, and lays out procedures for considering and approving development applications.

The goal of the project is to prepare a new LDC with clear and consistent regulations that are easy to understand and simple to administer. The project offers an opportunity for a comprehensive review of regulations that have been amended at various times over the years and will help ensure consistency and provide clear guidance so that development aligns with the community’s needs and desires for future growth.

Please visit the project website,, for information on upcoming events and to join the project mailing list.

Our Mission

The Planning and Land Use Department's mission is to provide expert land use, planning and development guidance, and regulation that supports the goals of the community.  The department achieves this by providing creative problem-solving and customer service-oriented support and administration related to the City's Land Development Code, building codes, and policies.  We do this with integrity, honesty, impartiality, and transparency while advancing equity and inclusion, information access and sharing, and community engagement opportunities.


The Planning and Land Use Department is charged with


Safeguarding the health, safety, and wellness of our community

This is achieved by processing Land Use activities through extensive coordination with customers, other City departments, external agencies and the community to review and approve planning and development activities within the City, by responding to community concerns, and by ensuring compliance with policies and regulations adopted to protect the health and safety of our community members.

Helping to shape a more sustainable and harmonious built environment for all residents

The department is actively engaged in promoting sound planning and development practices to steward our precious resources, protecting the rich history of our urban area, and envisioning the future through the implementation of forward-thinking policies and plans that result from inclusive conversations with the community.