Historical Storymaps Project


Valerie Rangel, The City of Santa Fe's Fourth City Historian, has gathered thoughts and ideas from the community and created ArcGIS Storymaps, which serve as a tool to enhance learning and build more knowledge of our past. This digital learning tool reflects historical truths and uplifts our shared values. The public is invited to click the three Storymap links below and browse online resources, including archival photos, historical essays, videos, and maps.

One Storymap features "A People's History," which highlights historically significant places within the city and surrounding area, while another Storymap focuses on "Layers of Santa Fe," which is an assembly of maps starting with environmental data, archival maps, interactive data maps, cultural perspectives, and links to other Storymaps. Historical essays written by the City Historian on places have been archived in the digital repository of Santa Fe history, which the Santa Fe Library will maintain. The essays are accessible via hyperlinks embedded within the Storymaps. A third Storymaps is a Teacher's Guide on utilizing the Storymaps with added resources such as educational videos, K-12 lesson plans, question prompts for students, and lists of resources for further information.

Thus far, the Storymaps have been well received by institutions across Santa Fe, and the links have been shared by the Alliance of Health Councils (statewide), the NM Department of Health's Prevention Specialist, the NM Public Health Association, NM Acequia Association, and several local community non-profit organizations.


Links to the Historical Storymaps of Santa Fe

Ojos Differentes

A People's History

Layers of Santa Fe

Teacher's Guide