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The Arts and Culture Department seeks to engage with and for communities. As a function of our dedication to activating arts and culture in every district of Santa Fe, we develop, plan, and implement programming and activities that promote and enhance the vibrancy of culture in our community.

Points of Interest


City of Santa Fe Historian Application Guidelines

The City of Santa Fe Historian is a ceremonial position that educates community members about Santa Fe’s rich regional history and cultural heritage. They possess knowledge of Santa Fe’s cultural history from local, regional, and transnational perspectives, as well as a commitment to and passion for sharing information about the diverse ethnic groups and historical processes contributing to Santa Fe's cultural development. The City Historian also embraces the opportunity to engage in inclusive civic discourse.


2024-25 Theme:  Local Storytelling

The 2024-2025 theme for the City Historian is local storytelling. This theme focuses on cultural heritage in the City with an emphasis on community-centered storytelling through gathering local histories to provide context beyond the dominant tri-cultural narrative. The City Historian will be informed by the History Recommendations from the Culture, History, Art, Reconciliation, and Truth (CHART) Final Report and the Culture Connects Roadmap.


City Historian Guidelines & Application Process

Individuals 18 years of age and over living in Santa Fe County may serve as City Historian. While a B.A. is required as the minimum qualification, consideration will be given to those with other credentials, advanced degrees, and a history of writing and publishing on relevant topics such as history, ethnic studies, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, arts or related fields A background in communications and public relations is desired, but not required.


Position Goals & Duties

  • Conserve, promote, document, and share Santa Fe’s diverse cultural heritage in historical and contemporary contexts, engaging local, transnational, and global influences on the cultural development of the region.
  • Advertise, publicize, and promote historical tourist-related attractions, facilities, and events.
  • Create an innovative lecture series highlighting key figures, events, and attractions with attention to local, transnational, and global processes and cultural influences that have shaped the multi-cultural landscape of Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico and/or the southwest.
  • Research and develop all lecture and audiovisual content, including historical photographs, maps, charts, and other visual aids, in consultation with scholars, community groups, museums, libraries, and other resources to make content accessible to multiple audiences.
  • Engage diverse communities to understand and embrace stewardship of cultural history, practices, traditions, foods, etc. through production of short articles, videos, podcasts, and other media.
  • Create high-quality media content for diverse audiences on various City media outlets (social media, YouTube, websites, etc.), utilizing alternative formats and approaches to ensure broad participation and engagement.
  • Provide information for and review historical content of official City documents, publications, proclamations, etc. They may also serve as a resource to City officials for the development of such documents.

Term of Service & Honorarium: The City Historian serves one term of 12 months, starting from January 1 through December 31. A second term is contingent on funding. If the City Historian cannot fulfill their contract due to extended illness, relocation, or other circumstances, the City may appoint a new City Historian based on previous nominations to fill the remainder of the term.

The City Historian will receive an honorarium of up to $10,000 to offset costs associated with the position including programming/projects. Funds will be dispersed in four equal payments, distributed quarterly.

Requirements: The City Historian will be required to enter into a professional services agreement with the City and obtain New Mexico CRS number, City of Santa Fe Business Registration, and applicable insurance coverage. The City retains a license to publish and distribute content created as part of the City Historian program for noncommercial purposes, including but not limited to use in city-related advertising, brochures, media, publicity, catalogues or other similar publications.


City Historian Code of Conduct

  • As an individual, they have no authority outside of the assigned duties, and to conduct their relationships with the Arts and Culture Department, Mayor, City Council, the local citizens, and the media based on this fact
  • Resist pressure to use the position to benefit either themselves, any other individuals, or agency, apart from the total interest of the City of Santa Fe
  • Welcome and encourage active participation by Santa Fe citizens, organizations, and the media
  • Have no interest nor acquire any interest, direct or indirect, conflicting with the performance of the City Historian duties
  • Always present themselves and the City Historian program in a professional and respectful manner
  • Take responsibility for creating a positive environment for the growth and development of the arts in their community
  • Dedicate themselves to the proposition all cultural histories offer significant and equivalent contributions to the cultural landscape of Santa Fe.


How to Apply

Application Deadline: December 31, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. MDT

Application packet must include:

  • Letter of interest (two-page maximum) stating qualifications and considerations, as well as describing interest and a proposal for fulfilling City Historian duties
  • Resume/curriculum vitae
  • Links to websites, publications, social media, and video content that serve as examples of the individual’s leadership in public history, community engagement or cultural work.

For questions or to submit the application packet email                          


City Historian Panel & Selection Process

An advisory group consisting of individuals representing a variety of constituencies and expertise will review all applications and make a recommendation for appointment. The selection panel may conduct interviews with up to three finalists.  The panel will evaluate all eligible nominations based on:

  • Qualifications
  • Uniqueness of approach
  • Past work


Culture, History, Art, Reconciliation and Truth (CHART) Initiative

In August 2022, Artful Life, LLC/consultant team presented the final report and 52 recommendations that resulted in the year-long engagement process. The Governing Body (city councilors and mayor) reviews the recommendations to identify and prioritize recommendations. Click Here to learn more and to read the report.



Fe.mous Campaign

As part of its commitment to developing and promoting artistic excellence in Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department launched a celebration of Santa Fe arts, culture, and community featuring local celebrities. With a mix of musicians, artists, poets, business owners, and scientists, the Fe.mous campaign showcases the diverse and thriving art community of Santa Fe. It focuses on what makes Santa Fe an inspiration for creatives.

What is Santa Fe?

Is it a song? A painting? Is it theater? A dance? Is its cuisine? Santa Fe is all of these and more. It's a feeling, an emotion, a magnetism. It's a unique and captivating place where the future meets the past, tradition meets innovation, and art is life. All who experience Santa Fe are inspired by something they can't quite put their finger on, returning over and over to feel it again.

The Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department's mission is to develop and promote artistic excellence in our community. We strive to build collaborative, interdisciplinary, and inclusive pathways for Santa Fe's creators to express the beauty of their community through art. We are here to show visitors and locals through our Fe.mous campaign that there is no place like Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Earth.

We had the pleasure of getting together with a few amazing Santa Feans to chat about what exactly draws people to Santa Fe and what beckons their return. These "local celebrities" gave us insight into their community connections. They are Fe.mous!

Participating community members include:

Arlene Cisneros Sena, Artist

Joe Hayes, Storyteller

Randy Sanchez, Jesse Parker, and Dennis Jasso of Nosotros

Dorothy Massey, Bookstore Owner

Dr. Anthony Dorame, Wildlife Biologist

Monica Sosaya Halford, Spanish Market Artist

Brian Hardgroove, Music Producer

Luci Tapahonso, First Poet Laureate of the Navajo Nation



UNESCO Creative Cities

A UNESCO-designated City of Craft and Folk Art, Santa Fe belongs to a select group of renowned international cities. The group of UNESCO Creative Cities is chosen by application for innovation, investment, and community in a range of arts and creativity. From cooking pots and water containers crafted in clay by Native American tribes a thousand years ago to modern-day decorative items and intricate jewelry crafted in textiles, metal, and wood, Santa Fe welcomes, strengthens, and grows arts and artists in our community. We were the first city designated as a Creative City in the United States in 2005, and we were appointed for our Craft and Folk Art community. UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization) founded the Network in 2004 to recognize expertise in seven fundamental and significant creative fields.

The fields of Crafts and Folk Art, Design, Gastronomy, Music, Literature, Media Arts, and Film celebrate the practices that bring beauty to our communities and drive local economies. Cities participate in activities across geographies and within and across these creative fields.

Though we are designated for Crafts and Folk Art, Santa Fe hosts strengthen and develop creativity across all seven creative fields.

Click Here to learn more.


Seven Archangels Fund Seeks Donations

Become an angel donor and help us raise $3,500 to replace an angel a year!

Thank you to the generosity of the following Angel Fund supporters that put our goal of $3,500 within reach for Salthiel, Angel One. We are well on our way to funding Angel Two. Artist Jose A. Lucero has been sculpting the first angel sculpture replacement over the past few months.

Our angel funders are:
Elizabeth Alexander                          Kathy Alexander Sandra Arrighi
Jane Elizabeth Bates Brown Ted Borek Carolyn
James J. Bonner Monica A. Bonner Lynne Buchen
Keith Clark Constance Deschamps Kristi Dew
Betty Farrell Rochell Follmer Margarita Gonzales 
Peter Gonzales Karla Harby Barbara Hays
Shyama Helin Alondra Howard Paula Hutchinson
Lynda & Thomas Kellahin Koppel Alexandra Kolkmeyer Bakos Norman S. 
Paul Lind Moore Valarie McGonagle Marie
C.L. Muth Padilla Joan B. & Terrell W. Oxford Mary Lou
Victoria Rabinow Rowley (2) Carol Romero-Wirth Kristin Carlsen
Doris T. Sanchez Weinstein Anne Weaver Abby L. & Barry G. 
Artful Tea     

Our beloved "Seven Archangels" public artwork have recently been conserved, and once again, they gracefully stand watch over our City along the East Alameda River Trail walking path. However, you may notice that one of our archangels is missing. The Arts and Culture Department and artist Jose A. Lucero, known as the Picasso Santero, need your help.

Salathiel was damaged during the summer storms of August 2020 and was removed, and with the generous support of donors, Mr. Lucero has installed the replacement sculpture.

 As a result, we need your help to bring Salathiel back to Santa Fe. In pursuit of that goal, we seek to raise $3,500 in donations this year to contract Mr. Lucero to sculpt a replacement angel to once again stand alongside the other angels.

 Our long-range dreams include having Mr. Lucero sculpt a replacement angel every year and kicking off our Angel Campaign, starting with Salathiel. Each angel sculpture will cost $3,500, and as funds are raised, Mr. Lucero will be able to carve replacement angels until all seven have been completed. Your tax-deductible contribution in any amount will go towards the realization of this annual effort.

The archangels on E. Alameda by Jose Lucero are a Santa Fe treasure.  I doubt if tourists come to Santa Fe just to see them, but they attract a lot of attention and help create a good impression.  Hopefully we can all contribute to this project and the other art projects that keep our city such a special place. - Doug Puryear

 These artworks are hand-carved out of wood and hand-painted with natural pigments that Mr. Lucero makes himself from materials found in nature around and near Santa Fe. These include walnuts, berries, leaves, and other natural resources. He respects the gifts from nature that he collects and, in exchange, leaves an offering, whether it be pinon nuts for the squirrels or thanks to the land for its bounty and beauty. 

We invite you to be an Angel Donor and contribute any amount you can spare.

Send your check payable to the City of Santa Fe/Angel Fund Public Art to:
PO Box 909
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Attention: Cashier's Office

We also accept phone donations via credit card!

Kenia Ordonez 505-955-6557                

Clarence Romero 505-955-6547

 If you have questions, please get in touch with the Arts and Culture Department, at


About the Artist 

A native of Santa Fe, Jose A. Lucero has been featured in Spanish Market since 1997. His work is featured in the Spanish Colonial Arts Museum locally and in several private and museum collections worldwide.

ARTSCAPADES Santa Fe's Public Art Walking Tour (Featuring Four Themed Maps) Are Live Now! More info:  History and Culture Map, Animals Map, River Walk (East) Map, and Downtown Map )