A key focus of the Office of Economic Development is to strengthen entrepreneurship and industry cluster development.  Our approach focuses on catalyzing and aligning workforce development, business accelerators & incubators, and funding sources.  Ultimately, we expect our economy will be more diversified than today, and the current core industries will be stronger.

Strength through Diversification:  Root and Grow Burgeoning Clusters so People Have More Job and Career Advancement Choices, and Economy is More Resilient to External Effects like Recession.  

  • At least 60% (TBD) of GRT/GDP from industries other than tourism, traditional arts, film, government, and real estate.   Grow overall economy so that current core industries do not shrink.
  • Current 3 burgeoning cluster targets:
    • Tech & Advanced Manufacturing, including AgTech.  Currently 40+ companies.
    • Creative/Experience - MeowWolf is primary catalyst.
    • Food Sector – Greatest opportunity for regional and statewide systemic collaboration.
  • Film & Emerging Media – 2x or 3x Growth by 12/2022. We partner with and rely on Film Office to drive this.
  • Healthcare – Continue to grow.  Lots of workforce development opportunities.
  • The Arts – Stabilize the traditional fine and folk art sector.
  • Tourism & Hospitality – Continue to support Tourism Department growth strategies.  
  • Outdoor Recreation 

We are working on convening all of these industry clusters to better understand the problems which need to be solved and create an ecosystem which would support innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable growth.

Click on the sub-pages for updates on each industry cluster convenings.

Click here to learn more about how and why Industry Clusters are made.

Strategies and Goals for our Industry Cluster Plan

More Startups: Increase Entrepreneurship & Strengthen Entrepreneurial “Ecosystems”

  • Aggregate increase of 10% more startups (companies less than 5 years old) by 2021, contributing 500-1,000 new jobs
  • Develop model entrepreneurial ecosystem, including a) Kauffman food sector project and b) strengthening and coordinating existing startup ecosystem.

Grow & Retain: Anchor Export Companies & Help Very Small Local Businesses Grow

  • 300 Very Small Local Businesses (20 or fewer employees, 2+ yrs operation). Hire at Least 1 Person by 12/21.  
  • See prior goals regarding clusters, which are primarily oriented towards Export businesses.

Recruit Great Companies: Attract New Companies that Advance Clusters and Provide Solid ROI for Any Incentives

  • 1 new company of 10+ employees by 2020
  • 1 new company of 25+ employees by 2021
  • 3 new companies averaging 50+ employees by 2022

Collaboration:  Work Together Internally, and with other Cities, Counties, Pueblos and State on Specific Projects.

  • At least two projects and two policies actively pursued between Santa Fe and other jurisdictions.
  • Work with Mayor, City Manager and Stakeholder Directors on a multi-year, professionally managed organizational design and development project to make our government more adaptive, responsive, transparent, fast and collaborative with residents and orgs.
  • Actively invest in and otherwise support work to break down business and cultural siloes, and increase social capital.  We need to determine metrics and find data sources to track.

Self-Sufficiency:  New initiatives become self-sustaining within three years unless clear rationale for longer term or indefinite financial support from city.

Contact Rich Brown, Development Specialist for more details:
Email: rdbrown@santafenm.gov
Phone: 505. 955-6625