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Snow Removal Service Areas 




City of Santa Fe from the Air (Aerial flights)

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What is My Zoning? 

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Click here to download a pdf Map  Zoning Map

Overlay Districts

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Who is My Councilor?


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Click here to download a pdf Map City Council District Map or City Council Districts & Precints

City Parks

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Neighborhood Associations

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Short Term Rentals Locations


 Commercial Cannabis Retailers


The City of Santa Fe GIS Division is doing away with the below Map service 

The data on this Map service may not be up to date 

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Map Gallery

The City has a large selection of standard maps available for purchase at City Hall.  The maps are presentation quality and are available in various sizes, ranging from 8 1/2" x 11" to 34" x 44".  Pricing Information.

For a complete list of available City maps, see our Map Gallery.  If you cannot find what you are looking for on the list, contact GIS staff as we have many maps of various subjects not listed here.

Frequently Requested Maps

Santa Fe City Limits & Roads
Zoning Map
Future Land Use
Historic District
Bikeways Maps

To properly view the maps, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The online maps are updated as needed.  Please note that many of the online maps are not to scale, as we have compressed most of the files for quicker download.

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Gis Division (Geographic Information System)

The GIS Services Section serves the residents of Santa Fe by providing mapping products or spatial analysis. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an integrated system of computer hardware and software used for the storage, retrieval, mapping, and analysis of referenced geographic data.  The geographic or spatial data for the City is referenced to the surface of the earth using the State Plane Coordinate System (New Mexico Central).  Spatial data and associated attribute data that share the same coordinate system can then be layered together for mapping and analysis.  The ability of GIS to overlay different geographic layers with colorful, transparent, and descriptive interplay on paper maps or in the digital world is useful for decision-makers.  GIS is a powerful tool for development planning, resource management, emergency planning, or other physical environment domains.

If the above online maps do not meet your requirements, please email us or call 505-955-6490.

GIS Links

GIS Links to government agencies, tools, location services, data resources, and other GIS information sites.


Leonard Padilla 
GIS Project Coordinator


Phillip Pacheco
GIS Project Coordinator

ITT/GIS Division 
Office Location - 1600 St Michaels Drive, Bldg 24 (Mouton Hall) Santa Fe, NM  87505 (Hours 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)
Mailing Address - P.O. Box 909 Santa Fe, NM  87501