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The City of Santa Fe is pleased to offer the following maps to the general public. Click on the map name, and a new window will open, downloading the requested map. Some maps are large files, and depending on your connection, the maps may load slowly.


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Maps Available for Download and Printing

Annexation Map
Phase 2  Complete as of 12/31/2013 (refer to City Limits Map)
Phase 3
Phase 3 Area 1

Overlay Districts Maps

Archaeological Review Districts
Areas of Mountainous Difficult Terrain
Business Capitol District
Census 2000
Census 2010
City Council District Map
Council Districts and Voting Precincts
Escarpment Overlay Districts
Future Land Use
Historic Districts
Building Historic Status
Landmarks Building and Sites
Parks, Open Space, and Trails

City Parks & Trails

Parks, Open Space, and Trails

La Tierra Trails

Dale Ball & Connecting Trails

Other Maps

Address Grid Map
City Bicycling Map

City Bus Routes
City-Owned Land & Facilities
City Limits & Roads
Control Network
Fire Districts
Hillshade Illumination
Major Arroyos
Neighborhood Associations
Police Districts & Beats
Residential Subdivisions
School Locations
Snow Removal Services Areas
Zip Codes

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